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    Leo's Golden Heart


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    Leo's Golden Heart

    Post by Mari on Mon Dec 01, 2014 12:29 am


    Equipment Name: Leo's Golden Heart
    Equipment Type: Armor
    Rank: Sacred
    Treasure: Unavailable

    Description: Golden armor with a symbolic image of a Lion, just as prideful and strong as the real thing. It is well kept and without dents, as if it's craftier had put his very heart and soul into crafting this fine piece of equipment. Fashioned it such for those willing to protect, as if a symbol of a safe haven and a the end of a battle. More rounded and beveled, then most armors from their usual and massed produced molds. It's helm as if crafted from a professional artisan and referenced from a real lion, with even hand made detail, puts the icing on the cake once this armor is worn as a set. Between both ends of the skirt are a large amount of crimson red cloth that would resemble feathers, that flow wildly, as well as on the back side of the helm, behind the lion's mane, similar to that of a women's ponytail.    

    Fighting Style: When donning this masterpiece it is worn with prestige and grace, well not for everyone. The Sin of Pride is a no holds back fight hording knight who blasts forth toward her enemies with one foul swoop. Great yet merciless this armor would be worn to bounce off attacks that were made from any direction. When pouncing toward her enemies, they will only see a golden flash before they are met with the roaring clash between metal and metal.

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    Re: Leo's Golden Heart

    Post by Britannia on Thu Dec 04, 2014 9:45 pm

    This seems alright. Approved. But Treasure "Unavailable"? Just write no xD You could always make it into a Treasure later.

    But approved ^^

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