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    Raine Gray, The Wolf Sin of Gluttony

    Raine Gray

    Name : Raine Gray
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    Title : Wolf's Sin of Gluttony
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    Raine Gray, The Wolf Sin of Gluttony

    Post by Raine Gray on Tue Jan 27, 2015 6:25 am

    General Information

    Race: Human

    Name: Raine Gray
    Sex: Male
    Gender: Male
    Age: 21
    Sexuality: Hetero
    Birthday: 8/24

    Relationships: Single for now

    Graham Gray: Father [Executed]
    Olivia Kristan Gray: Mother [Unknown]
    Kindler Longstake: Owner [Deceased]
    Astor Longstake: Friend [Alive]

    Faction: Kingdom of Liones
    Title: Seven Deadly Sin of Gluttony - The Wolf of Gluttony
    Rank: Experienced
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral


    Height: 1.8 meters
    Weight: 75 kg
    Eye Color: Emerald Green
    Hair color/style: Dark Blue - Short Length Spiked Hair
    Extra: a scar over his right eye, a claw mark on his chest, and a bite scar on his left arm.

    Overall Appearance:
    Raine is a tall and sleek man, which his body is covered in lean muscle which built up from a long life of poor nutrition yet muscle building. His hair is normally kept short and used a multitude of kitchenware to keep it as such resulting in a rough patchwork. He is a rather tan man thanks to long days outside for both training and otherwise. Raine has soft features on his face which rather contradicts his rather rough body, complete with glowing warm eyes, resting lips, and slim nose. He has a three heavy scars on his body... One is a slash which lies on top of his right eye, light enough to not have permanently damage his eye but deep enough to remain. The second scar is a set of claw slashes which digged into his flesh, the scar healed roughly and adds gruesome detail to it. The third and final scar is a bite mark which scatter fang marks throughout his left forearm.

    Clothes wise.... Raine is very simple, he wears a rather strange manner of dress. He prefers to wear robes that cling to him loosely but adequately. He just picked up this weird style rather out of nowhere. Either way he doesn't wear undergarments for the most part, for a shirt he just has his upper chest bandaged up with black wrap. He has a pale lavender jacket like over shirt which is made of light materials while from the waist down he wears a navy colored robe which fall to his ankle. On his feet he wears just regular slip on black moccasins. On his fore arms he wears protective ebony and gold bracers that encompass his full forearms. He has a blue furred bracelet on his left wrist. He keeps most of his scars hidden up, not because he's ashamed of them but due to comfort. Lastly he dons a necklace in the shape of an odd key, just a trinket.

    Face Claim: [Takeshi Yamamoto] - (Katekyo Hitman Reborn)


    ° Cooking: He prides himself to be an amazing chef!
    ° Foraging: Just as he loves to cook, he enjoys gathering his own ingredients.
    ° The Outdoors: He just finds himself in peace In nature.
    ° Thin Clothing: He truly enjoys the feeling of freedom, on both him and others, visually stunning most of the time.
    ° Sweet Food: What can I say, mouth of a child.

    ° The Cold: Since he enjoys such light clothing, it leaves him suffering in the cold.
    ° Disobedience: Can't forgive a man who crosses his word.
    ° Sour Food: Mouth of a child, sour kills him.
    ° Insects: He just hates how they look.
    ° Rare Plants: Look at his history...

    Motivation: Raine truly wishes to see everything, to try everything that this world has to offer.

    ° Cages: He hates feeling trapped, like if he was some livestock.
    ° Wolves: He has his reasons. (Check history)
    ° Drowning: A powerful swimmer yet he hates the feeling, fears it.

    Overall Personality: Raine is a rather humble guy, he treats others as he is treated but tends to get peeved easily. Normally he can handle most situations with a calm face but he is also a man of logic, so if something comes across as rather illogical he will get annoyed and react accordingly. He is very diligent and works hard at everything he does, not liking to do things half way. Being very focused with work or anything he does he is somewhat prideful with anything he works on, making messing with or degrading his work an instant way to piss him off. He enjoys to goof off like anyone else but for some reason he just can't do it when others act truly idiotic around him, unless he's drawn into the madness. In short, he is just rather normal which is saying much for what he's been through. Also he is a rather decent cook and enjoys cooking to a great amount.

    Raine is a very kind soul, of course he enjoys playing the straight man but he is truly an honorable and kind man. Every lesson he's ever learned has taught him what is appropriate and what is not. He has his own code that he lives by. It has been twisted and has steeled through the trials of his life but no matter what he always reverts back to it. He is how he is and he tries not to change.

    In a fight he likes to keep calm as he is a swordsman, so he knows how it is to feel the 'flow' of things. He stays focused on the task on hand and does his best unless circumstance says otherwise. For example if he is set out to distract an enemy, he knows that means no direct blows, which means just strikes to the extremities. Raine is a very tactical on one on one fights but when it comes to group fights... He isn't a fan of group fights as he truly excels on focusing on  one opponent.


    Raine was born on the land of a duke of the Kingdom of Liones. His parents... His mother was a guard on the land and his father? The head chef of the entire castle. Their tale is a marvelous one filled with glory and valor. Or to put simply, a girl fell for a man of lower stature and the two fell in love. However it's not like their was anything wrong with that, she wasn't royalty or anything! The two of them were wed by the duke's chamberlain and soon enough Raine was born.

    When Raine was born he would be constantly trained by both his mother and father. His earlier years he spent solely with his mother, she taught him how to walk, how to talk... How to kill a deer. Simple mother - son stuff. Due to her being a lowly knight she even taught him how to read and write. Once he was old enough, his father took over his learning and would teach him the truly dangerous things in life... How to cook! He learned everything he could how to prepare every animal in a 2000 meter radius of his little home. By the time he was seven he knew how to skin a wolf! By the time he was eight he knew all of the basics that his father and mother could teach. All the time after that they collaborated together in teaching young Raine everything he would need to fight and cook. These were the magical years for Raine. He thought his childhood was perfect.

    On his off time away from his parents, Raine had the fortune to becoming a friend of the Duke's son. Selected is the more appropriate word as well... Noble blood is not to be punished, yes you thought right, Raine was the boys literal whipping boy. However... Astor was a lot more receptive than one would perceive out of one of blue blood. It only took one lashing to poor Raine to understand not to misbehave. He and Raine were cherished friends for the majority of each other's lives. Raine told Astor of the stories he had experienced with his family and Astor in turn told him grand legends. It was nice knowing a friend.

    This next part is more of a story... Raine had reached the ripe old age of sixteen and thanks to his stickler of a mother, his body was in excellent condition and thank to his father his precision skills were on point. A large wedding ceremony was occurring for his Duke's son, Astor Longstake, he was apparently being married off to the royal family. Raine couldn't be more happy in his life... A story that Astor told him struck him... It was of a rare flower that was as blue as the ocean. Apparently eating it would grant the eater good fortune for the rest of their life. He told his father of it and well, swelling with pride his father would help his son find this flower. In fact he too had heard of the legend for that flower... Their was a week till this wedding function would occur and he and his father set off immediately. His mother caught wind and gave the two men a farewell gift, a sword she had received from her father, it was time for Raine to inherit it. It was quite am odd blade, it only had one edge and the hilt and guard were a lot more sleek compared to most of the swords Raine had used. He took it with pride and he and his father were off. His mother left him just one last thing. "Bring back my husband in one piece Raine!"

    Raine and his father Graham were well into the woods before Graham stopped his son. "Listen Raine... I have a confession... I know were this flower we are searching for resides. I once was going to use it for Olivia and I, however a monk came and stopped my pursuit. He claimed it was to dangerous for a budding father. I'm so glad we are looking for it now. Seems like an adventure of redemption..." Raine smiled to his weary father, "Than this only makes this easier! I'm glad you are here father. I must admit I was truly worried that I would set off alone. Thankfully even mother blessed this with her father sword. Truly an odd piece, though I tried it out on a piece of wood, excellently sharp." The two men would converse as Graham would exact where they were going. Apparently it was a grove of some kind which was the only place in the kingdom that grew this wondrous flower.

    It took them two whole days to reach this grove, but once they did... It seemed plain enough... Half a day it took them to locate this flower, and once they did... "Did you hear something son?" Graham had asked as Raine had pushed him to the side as a large wolf sprung from the brush and pounced onto Raine. This wolf was strange, for one it was alone, second it was about the size of 5 wolves in one, it was massive... Thirdly... It was a blazing blue. Raine had managed to wrestle the beast off him and an echo ran throughout the grove. "What are intruders doing here!?" Raine was shaken up but his clothing had saved him from the paws of the beast. "We seek the flower of eternal fortune... Raine said out of breath as his father came back holding out a meat cleaver. "You are not worthy for this grove's treasure! Leave or become one with my stomach! The grove had echoed once again as the azure wolf let out a bone chilling howl. Raine was determined... But he was worried for his father, he looked over at his father and saw his compassion as well as they both realized, this is what his father would have to dealt with one way or the other. "I'm sorry beast but this flower is a dream of ours and we will not desist." the wolf got into an aggressive position as the grove howled, "Join my gullet than fool!!" It jumped toward's Graham as he was older and more of a hindrance, Graham would attempt to slash down but the wolf's pounce would stop before the man and the beast would lash it's powerful tail at Graham which sent the man flying and hit the man against a tree, rendering him unconscious.

    "Father!" Raine had said looking toward his father as another guttural howl echoed, "I am your opponent boy! Don't you dare dishonor me prey!" Said as the wolf had ran over and attempted to claw at Raine. He quickly withdrew his grandfather's sword and stopped the creatures massive paw. The creature seemed impressed as his claws only laid mere centimeters away from Raine's face. "I'm impressed, you truly do have great strength for your age... But you will pay your price for this, let's start with robbing your sight..." Raine's eyes widened as the paw that laid I front of his face, the claws weren't fully tracted out the trembling of the beast's claws and Raine's sword, it would work as Raine started letting out a painful yell as one of the claws was tracing down Raine's eye. He closed his eye to not get it damaged but the damage was being done, this beast was scratching his eye, the pain was grand as the blood letting occurred. Before the beast could go any further he had mustered all his strength and threw the beast off once again. The beast started to laugh as Raine would quiet down and grip his right eye. If he opened it, the blood pouring from his wound would blind him further. He kept his eye closed as he cut a portion of his shirt and would fashion it into an eye patch, he just needed to rest his eye and used the shirt to sponge up all the blood. The hell hound would stop laughing as it taunted him again, "Your strength is to inadequate! You should've ran! What will you and your toothpick do!?!" Raine would mentally numb his pain as he held his sword tightly and started dashing toward the beast, he aimed to slash at the beasts face, the wolf ran towards him, they both let out a slash as the same time. Both of them took a knee as both strikes did what they had wanted. Raine successfully slashed the wolf's nose and it dropped blood throughout the forest floor but the wolf inflicted all of it's claws onto the boys chest. Both had made clean cuts on the others but Raine was taking more damage. The wolf had already gotten back up as Raine was thinking he wouldn't make it much longer. The wolf ran over to the boy and pinned down the weakening boy. "Pitiful human! You hurt me and my nose! For this... I shall eat you alive! Starting with your arms!" It than chomped down and hard onto Raine's left forearm arm and Raine let out a cry of pain. He thought he was going to die... He didn't want to die... That's all he could think. It's all that his heart would beat. His will was screaming to him not to die but to fight... Raine had quiet down as the beast was about to tear his arm off and adjusted it's stance, it left Raine's right arm free. "Now!!" His rose his sword and slashed the beasts underbelly, at the same time a large fire erupted from his blade which caused the beasts innard to be both spilling out and catching it a blaze. It flailed off of Raine and onto it's side as it's weak innards kept spilling out of it. "You have a gift as well... With this wound I will die... The flower is yours... goodbye human... The wolf than died without a word. Raine was still laying on the ground as he held the blade into the air and noticed that the blade was still burning hot... He didn't have time to think about it as he place the blade on his chest wound and cauterized it shut, he did the same to the bite on his arm. He lived but rested on the ground for a while longer.

    An hour later his father had awoken and treated his son in his sleep, in another hour Raine slowly woke up and was wrapped up in bandage as his father set up a small campfire, he was cooking parts of the Azure wolf, the two of them did not speak, they merely rested for the oncoming night. In the morning, Raine went to what was left of the azure wolf and cut off a piece of its fur, he would use this later to fashion a bracelet... He went up to the flower and pulled it out, root and all and placed it in a bottle and corked it. He knew what he was going to make with this when he got home. Some exquisite spice to shower on all the royal plates, it was brilliant. Graham and Raine than set off.

    They reached back home with a whole day to spare! Raine's mother was mortified and all Raine could say was... "I brought back father in one piece!" Graham had to stave her off as he went to his quarters to rest, which in realization was really him setting up tomorrow's dinner. Once he got to his room he had picked up a simple silver bracelet Astor had given him and he was interweaving the fur her collected onto it and securing it in place, than donned it. Speaking of Astor, the princely man would walk into lowly mans room. "Raine! My friend! When I heard you were truly going for that rumor I was so worried!" Astor said as compassionately as he could muster. Raine smiled weakly as he unwrapped his more or less healed eye and looked at his friend. Their was a fresh scar over his eye but that didn't matter to Raine. "Heya Astor! You excited for your wedding tomorrow? Astor walked over to Raine and punched his shoulder, You're a real bastard, you know? Here I am worried and all you want to talk about is my pointless political marriage." Raine let out a chuckle, "Why wouldn't I be happy for you... Since I am home, you know I was a success... I got the flower! And all it cost me was a few battle scars! He said pointing at his bandaged forearm as his left hand pointed at his eye. Astor sat on a chair in his friends quarters, "May I see it?" Raine pulled a clear bottle with a beautiful vibrant blue flower and it's root. "Strange thing about this is that their were no seeds in it... Oh well... With this, you my friend will have good fortune for the rest of your life! You, your wife.... Your father... I will prepare the finest meal you have ever had!" He said with such vigor as Astor nodded and smiled to his oldest friend. "Than I shall let you rest, tomorrow seems to be equally important to you as it is to me... Than you my friend for risking your life and limb for me, I will see you on the morrow!" With that Astor would let his friend rest. Raine slept early so he could rise just as early... He had a long day tomorrow.

    The wedding day... Raine awoke early and headed straight for the kitchen as he got the flower he had quested and sacrificed so much for and started grinding it into a fine powder. He started preparing for his dinner, his father was in charge of all other courses but Raine was the one in charge of dinner. He had several roasts being cooked, he had spent most of his day personally making a type of shepard's pie. He seasoned each with the rare flower which imbedded into the crust of the meal, he used all of the seasoning on the the Duke's, Astor's, and his bride's meal, just as he intended. Soon enough it was time for the dinner after the wedding and everyone was just so jubile and festive, pride was coursing through Raine as he personally delivered the food to the duke, groom, and bride. All went well.... Raine couldn't be happier until that fateful moment... The duke stood up started coughing violently as blood started pouring from the man's mouth. No one else noticed it but Raine did... The man's blood was... Blue... A dark vile blue... What was happening, the duke kept coughing as he fell onto the table... Dead... Raine was in utter despair as Astor let out a cry of horror, "FATHER!!!" Several of the Guards would rally together and proclaim to capture the chefs. Every chef was in chains by nights end, both Raine and his father as well as 20 other cooks, all slabbed in chains. By nightfall they were all pulled into the throne room, there in the throne... Astor sat on his late father's thrown. This was a hearing of punishment...

    Hello my servants... Would any of you explain what happened... Why is my father... Dead... Astor proclaimed as the audience which gathered for the wedding had now become an audience of another kind and they were staring onward. "I blame myself... Pin this all on me your excellency..." Graham tried to put this all on him. He had too, for his son but Raine walked ahead, chains rattling and all. "Astor... You know I was in charge of dinner... My meal killed your father... I am so sorry... Punish me and let the others go..." Astor was tearing up as it had reminded him of how Raine was the one to be punished when he had acted up. No no... He had to be a strong duke... Like his father... Astor wiped his face... "Raine.... I'm sorry..." He whispered as he stood up and pointed at Graham. "For the poisoning of my father, Duke Kindler Longstake... You Graham Gray will be executed and you Raine Gray shall me sent to the imperial prison, affective immediately! The rest of you will face punishment here on the estate... Guards... Arrest Raine and prepare Graham for his end..." Raine looked at the ground and stayed quiet as he and his father were dragged away. "Olivia! Raine! I love you both! Raine... You've had such a hard week! You didn't deserve this! Please never give up son!" Graham would exclaim as he started to cry. He saw his mothers face right before he was hauled away, she was crying but kept her position as a guard and kept a stone face.  He was thrown into the castle dungeon and for his father... He could hear the executioner's ax... It was a rather rough night...

    Come morning, Raine was awoken to Astor, standing over his cell. The young duke looked as if he couldn't sleep all night. "You know I could never do it... I could never sentence you to death... You've been punished enough for the misdeeds of others..." Raine wasn't in much better condition... The two boys lives had forever been changed within the span of twelve hours. Tears streamed from Raine's cheek as he uttered something he thought all night. "You know... I think your father was deathly allergic to the flower of enteral fortune... It's the only varied ingredient.... Only thing untested... Astor... I killed your father with my dish... He's gone... Just as is my father. IT ALL SHOULD HAVE BEEN ME ASTOR!" Raine yelled out as the chains subduing him rattled as he pointed at himself. The two young men stayed quiet for a moment, the silence being heavier than the vast chains which encompassed Raine. Astor gripped the bars separating him from Raine and cried out. "AND LOSE BOTH MY FATHER AND BROTHER!!" I couldn't... I know it was most likely your flower which stole all my father's fortune... But telling me it was you who should've gone through executioner's blade... Please... I only took your father due to my audience... Was this a private affair I could've done everything different. Please Raine... Like this you can live, may even be freed... Just... Don't die Raine... Goodbye... Brother!" Astor has been choking through his words but he made his exit as guards followed in and spoke. "Seems you will get your just rewards won't you?" Raine looked at the head of the guard who had spoken, he noticed Azure blue hair on the man's head. All Raine could think that this was the last snap of the wolf as all his scars hurt just looking at the azure hair. He was pulled away and thrown onto a cell transport headed for the imperial Dungeon. On the way, the road was littered with gray wolves, they made Raine uneasy, all of them looking hungry for revenge. It took a full week to reach the imperial dungeon, Raine's new home.

    Raine in the imperial dungeon is a sullen tale, being incarcerated was hell. It wasn't the food or the lack of a kind soul. The truly horrible thing... Was being locked away... He would've preferred death... Having only free time he could only resort to what his mother taught him to not lose his mind. He vigorously trained his slender body day and night every day for two years. After all this time it seemed he finally got a visitor. The person sat in front of his cell... Raine barely recognized them as he barely saw anyone for so long. It was his mother, it took him a moment to realize. "My child... When did you get so built!?" So much for a motherly introduction, it brought a genuine chuckle to Raine. He sat closer to his mother and smiled like he used to. "Hello to you to mother... What brings you to your disgraced son?" Alright, here's the thing about his mother, she was cheerful to a fault.... She always loved both Raine and his father and would say to her child. "You know... I don't hate you right? I know the circumstance now... The duke told me everything. Apparently that flower you risked life and limb on, made the king sick. It was an honest mishap. No one would've none until it happened." Raine looked ajar, he still felt guilt over his misdeed, the thing that caused him to be trapped in these walls. "Don't worry... Astor is doing amazingly! Becoming duke hasn't made him more happier, his wife is even with child. Apparently your spice did work on it's intended party. Listen Raine, what happened to Duke Kindler was an accident, and everything at home is great. You'll be freed one day so just don't lose hope my child!" She said as a guard interrupted telling her that she had no time left. "Goodbye my child! I'm going to travel the lands for awhile, I earned it! Stay cheerful!" His mother said as she was escorted away. This gave Raine a strange sense of... Hope. He smiled as he heard her exit as he honed more than his body. He stood up and walked over to his cell wall, he knew he was several stories in the air and he struck the wall with a flat palm. The wall exploded outward which resulted in a large hole in his cell. For the first time in two years, he overlooked the horizon... He sat back near the bars just waiting for the guards to come over and check all the racket. They would do so and moved him immediately to another cell but he didn't care. He knew his heart was free.

    Another year had passed and a new stranger had decided to visit him. "How would you like to be freed?" That's all he needed to hear and thus he was recruited by the kingdom of Liones as an elite knight. All his prayers had been answered, he would gladly do anything to have back his physical freedom. He had never truly forgave himself for what had happened back in his old castle home but... who doesn't have a sin that doesn't make them quiet up and make them a reclusive and had them slumped over thinking of what had transpired.

    RP Sample:
    Raine had woken up on this day, this was the day after he had beaten those pirates and saved his little town. The doctor of the town had properly covered his wounds, so now he looked like a mummy and boy it was not fun. All he could do was sigh... this wasn't fair.... He had felt perfect yesterday, why now would he feel so crappy now that he was free. He had a few friends come in to play with him, well more like they decided to come on their own and annoy his sleep. Their were three children, they were some of the neighbor kids that had grown to be his best friends. Their was Koby, Mavis, and Ria, they were all roughly his age and they had always done the craziest things before Raine became a glory hound and decided that he would protect the town himself.

    The three kids would enter his room and the loudest one saying, "Oh hey if it isn't Raine the glory hound!" Koby would say with a mischievous grin, reaching from ear to ear, Raine would roll his eyes at the comment.  "Oh stop picking on him, we all know you wouldn't have done what he did!" Ria said as she quietly hid behind Mavis. Koby would glare at her as Mavis gave him the biggest stink eye you'd ever see on a child. "Either way... Hey Raine! Don't do that again! We thought you had died up in those mountains!" Raine would sit up in all his mummy dressing but would still give a sharp smile at the trio. "I know I should've called!" Ria than went out of her hiding and would with an empty expression walk up to Raine... And... Smacked him in the back of the head. He cringed as his whole body would begin to ache. IT ISN'T FUNNY WE THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD! WE COULDN'T EVEN SEARCH FOR YOU THANKS TO THOSE PIRATES! AND! And... and..."   Ria started to cry as she broke down on the floor and Mavis would go to her side as Raine would sigh as this isn't what he wanted. "I'm Sorry okay... I knew no one else would stand up to him.... I got big headed okay... I didn't mean to make you all worry..."  He said as if he were a kicked puppy. Ria was still sniffling but Mavis was able to stop her bawling. Koby sat at the bed and folded his arms and nodded.  "Ya we were all pretty worried... Though, in the end, you came out on top. Like seriously, you have a devil fruit in you now, that must be so cool!" Koby said as he exclaimed and jealousy oozed from his head. Raine sighed, "It isn't that cool you know... I can turn into milk. It isn't the greatest thing to turn into you know. Like sure it has it's perks but... Seriously it's milk." He said as he was kind of annoyed that he gave up so much for the powers of milk.

    Koby sighed as he looked over at Raine, "You know that was probably the only superhero fruit on the island right? Maybe it isn't so bad!? Like seriously it's only no swimming." Ria was well enough to be on her own for a second as Mavis looked at Koby... "You deserve one too..." She than smacked the back side of his head hard. He would hurriedly cover the back of his head in pain and Mavis would continue to tell him off. You know... Swimming is really fun. And being on an island only makes it worse. Be more considerate, this was more of a sacrifice you idiot. I know you wouldn't be able to give up everything to save the town and only gain a, no offense Raine, lame power..." Raine had been looking down and muttered, "None taken..." Both Ria, who had now stopped with the waterworks as she noticed that they were lucky Raine was still there, and Mavis took a seat on the bed next to Raine. "Sorry guys, I really am... After I was thrown and the old hermit found me, I couldn't stay still, even though apparently my body was this beaten up."

    "I even told you my name yet you all just insist calling me the hermit. You know I have a name, call me it. Come on, say it with me Monroe, Mon-Roe. It isn't a hard name, come on you know it." Monroe the hermit said as he entered the room. Raine brightened up and smiled, "Oh hey old hermit! What brings you here!?" The old man sighed as he would pinch the bridge of his nose and would continue talking.  "I heard you threw that crew out of town, wanted to come check on you."  Raine smiled at the old man and would say Ya I'm fine, but apparently my initial injuries were very serious, if it wasn't for your first aid and pure adrenaline, I would've died up there." The old man started to chuckle, "I told you you should've just laid down and rested." Raine scratched his head and laughed "Never!" The three kids would cough at the same time really loudly. Raine would nod "Oh ya. Meet my best friends, K-. "The name is Koby!" "I'm Mavis, nice to meet you Monroe, I've always heard of some old guy in the mountain, but I never believed it, until now I guess." "I'm Ria..." The girl said quietly as she covered up her always bandaged eye. Monroe waved his hands and greeted the children.

    Suddenly the doctor walked in, "Hello you all, it's time for Raine to get some sleep, I need you all to go for now." Well the doctors word was law and everyone in the room would wave goodbye and start to leave. Raine would ask the doctor, "How much longer do I have to stay like this?" The doctor laughed and smiled at the injured kid. "Oh don't worry just a little bit longer."

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    Re: Raine Gray, The Wolf Sin of Gluttony

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    Raine Gray

    Name : Raine Gray
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    Re: Raine Gray, The Wolf Sin of Gluttony

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