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    Staff Applications

    Post by Britannia on Mon Nov 24, 2014 8:48 pm

    As with every forum you snazzy people have been on, this one needs staff. Currently, I am alone. I am single, and my relationship status needs to be updated. To polygamy with tons of people. You get the metaphor. Anyone who feels up to helping me around the site, go ahead and post in here, I'll see if we can get to talk to each other over [insert various social media outlets] and then I'd be glad to accept just about anyone's help.


    I'm the biggest sleaze around here. I'm the guy you come to who won't be there when you need him. I'm the guy who constantly complains about everything yet never stops stressing. I am, THE OWNER.

    • Britannia: Hey people, I'm an 18 year old dude who's a Nanatsu no Taizai fanatic. There's nothing about the lore I don't know. Literally. It's the manga series I've invested in the most so far. Emotionally, and fanboy-ically. I'm crazy for NNT, and although I can't promise to be the best leader a board could have, I'm the best an NNT board could have.


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    *fill out the following form and send it to Britannia via pm*

    Application Form:

    [b]Rp Experience:[/b]
    [b]Staff Experience:[/b]
    Name: [Your name on NNT:BR.]
    Position: [What position are you applying for?]
    Activity: [Give which times of the day you are usually active during, as well as how many hours a piece. Don't lie, someone being honest about being online only an hour under the week but active all Sunday is that much more believable than someone saying "all day, err' day!"]
    Rp Experience: [How much rp experience do you possess?]
    Staff Experience: [Do you have any experience as staff?]
    Personality: [Try to be honest with yourself here and describe your ups and downs as a human.]

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