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    Lady In The Painting (Part I)



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    Lady In The Painting (Part I)

    Post by Britannia on Sun Jan 18, 2015 9:03 pm


    Quest Name: Lady in the Painting
    Quest Type: Rare
    Quest Rank: Expert
    Quest Requirements: Knowledge of all three kingdoms (Must traveled far/At least contributed IC within each of the kingdoms). The maximum amount of people is three, each at least Expert if not higher. 8k word requirement.

    Quest Description:

    Within an old rickety mansion, upon a hillside of Biron, there lays a painting up on the wall directly in front of the entrance. Large in size, a young beautiful tundra of snow captivates anyone who lays their eyes. With a town in the far distance that seems to be in wreckage....and smoke rising from the town, that actually gave the sense of movement.  A small portion of the painting has been removed in the bottom right.

    A sole artist, old for his age knew of the cursed painting for years but never had the chance to actually pursue this curious phenomenon  due to his old age. Upon his discovery he shall entail three locations of the last painting piece. Each within a kingdom but only one true piece. Each piece is protected by a knight of the brush. (Each Expert 2-2).

    Upon the finding of the pieces return to the old man, where he will tell you the second piece of the puzzle in which brings the curse to light.

    Quest Rewards: 500 Exp, the riddle necessary for Lady In The Painting (Part II)

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