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    A Bad Omen from the North



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    A Bad Omen from the North

    Post by Britannia on Sun Jan 18, 2015 8:58 pm


    Quest Name: The wind from the North brings a bad omen
    Quest Type: Unique
    Quest Rank: Expert
    Quest Requirements: 10k words minimum, Any capable danaforian or adventurer may accept, others must seek out Alberdeen to gain his permission.

    Quest Description: Informants from Alberdeen's spy network have reported back to him with movement and mobilization in the North. Those who accept the mission have but one objective - validate the reports and gain any information that could prove important to the Kingdom of Danafor.

    Quest begins with receiving the details from Lord Alberdeen, then proceed to infiltrate into Barbarian lands to access situation from a cliff nearest the last known barbarian encampment. However, the informant had been compromised and the information is shifty and shady. Upon arrival at the position the entourage will be ambushed by a powerful (Master 1-5) barbarian warlord. However, this is no normal barbarian and he seems... tainted.  Upon survival, if there are any survival - report back to Lord Alberdeen who will reward participants and debrief them.

    Quest Rewards: 550 Exp, and the gratitude of the Kingdom of Danafor.

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