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    The Underground Tunnel



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    The Underground Tunnel

    Post by Britannia on Sun Jan 18, 2015 7:13 pm


    Quest Name: Underground Tunnel
    Quest Type: Common
    Quest Rank: Experienced or higher, or have an experienced present if lower.
    Quest Requirements: 6k WC or more for completion, make a decision.

    Quest Description: The miners of  your respective kingdom  hasn’t had a status report in days or even returned. You are assigned to investigate this immediately. If you are an adventurer, the kingdom hires you as a mercenary so they wouldn’t waste any of their forces on something so trivial.  Upon arriving at the site, you would see your guide that would explain that the miners haven’t came out of that cave in three days. He goes into a detailed story that he was helping them mark out the elusive tunnels of the mine caves until they were ambushed by humanoid bat like beings. You enter and navigate the cave with the guides help  in search of survivors.

    You will find dead bodies covered in sticky bat poop but would  see that some miners are still alive.  One of the miners revere the bats as an endangered species and that they disturbed one of the last few places that they were located and living in peace by accident.   They also explain that they have been eating bat dong to survive due to being super glued to the floor  and potentially starving.  Afterwards, you hear a screech  and combat some of the incoming humanoid bat monsters. Defeat them and head for the queen, who lays deeper within.  Be careful of their sticky poop, it’s like super glue. Upon the defeat of the queen, you  noticed that she has babies.  This is your judgment call, you can either gave their race a chance to live and close off the cave and condemn it to nobody else enters; or you can kill the babies and leave the cave safe for the miners  to return to work.

    Mother Zybat-Experienced
    Zybats x5- Apprentice

    Quest Rewards: 300 exp, a jar of sticky poop

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