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    Bandit Camp



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    Bandit Camp

    Post by Britannia on Sun Jan 18, 2015 7:02 pm


    Quest Name: Bandit Camp
    Quest Type: Common
    Quest Rank: Experienced
    Quest Requirements: Experienced or higher, or have an experienced present if lower. 7k wordcount or more.

    Quest Description:You have taken up an assignment to handle a bandit camp that was threatening a small town. They have been paying “protection” money ever since the bandits started harassing them three months ago. Your job is to make sure that those bandits fail to do so ever again. You can tackle this quest in three  ways, you would arrive at the town and wait until the  day that the representative bandit comes to collect the extortion money. The options can vary from engaging the bandit and forcing him to tell you where the camp. Having them complete the transaction and  using your stealth to tail them back to the bandit camp to avoid fighting in the town and causing property damage, or dressing up as a bandit and using your charisma to  play a bandit that was left behind and be escorted there.

    After arrival,  you are either free to reveal yourself for an honorable bout, surprise attack, or stealth kill most of the bandits.  After taking out a few of the bandits, the bandit leader would appear and challenge you to a duel. Upon his defeat, the remaining menial bandits will immediately beg for mercy and return all of the money to the town or anything valuable to make up for all of the money that they have taken. At this point, you could give no mercy and let no bandit live, or allow them to live and leave it up to the remaining bandits to go about their words and return what they have wrongfully taken, along with disappearing from the area.

    Bandit Leader-Experienced
    Bandits 7- Apprentice
    Bandit Representative- Novice

    Quest Rewards: 400 Exp

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