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    Lost Scrolls (Part III)



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    Lost Scrolls (Part III)

    Post by Britannia on Sun Jan 18, 2015 6:54 pm

    Quest Name: Lost Scrolls (Part 3)
    Quest Type: Unique
    Quest Rank: Experienced
    Quest Requirements: 4.5k words minimum. Must complete the previous Lost Scrolls before attempting this. Must be at least Experienced.  

    Quest Description: Upon entering the door, you can see that you are inside a room full of treasures. While admiring the treasures, you are greeted by a young looking man, who introduced himself as the embodiment of the great Gawain. He said that he would give you anything you want, with one condition, you defeat him.

    Gawain is a strong and wise person. He has huge strength, and his agility is not to be made fun off either. His skills with the sword is exceptional. Gawain will be an NPC to be RolePlayed by the staffs.

    After defeating Gawain, as promised, you are given everything in the treasury. However, as Gawain dissipates, all the treasures soon seem to fade.Gawain then explains that this is all an illusion. However, he did not lie about a treasure lying there. As his body starts dissipating, you can see a solid item forming as he disappears.

    Quest Rewards: 200 Exp, ???

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