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    Lost Scrolls (Part II)



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    Lost Scrolls (Part II)

    Post by Britannia on Sun Jan 18, 2015 6:53 pm

    Quest Name: Lost Scrolls (Part 2)
    Quest Type: Rare
    Quest Rank: Experienced
    Quest Requirements: 6k words minimum. Must be at least Experienced. Can be done only if you succeeded in the previous lost scroll mission.

    Quest Description: After a few days, or weeks, from that encounter, you forgot all about the medallion in your pocket. Well, until you had a weird encounter. As you were walking in the forest, you reached a mountain. Suddenly, the ground started shaking and your forgotten medallion starts shining. When the shaking stop, you realize a cave has appeared at the foot of the mountain. Upon entering the cave, you realize that this isn’t a normal, or natural cave. From the graffitis on the wall and posters, you quickly find out that this cave is the rumored Bandit cave, where the most famous Bandit, Gawain, hid all his treasures.

    This cave is a huge labyrinth. If you have some skills in mapping, it might help out with your navigation. Also, this cave is filled with booby traps, so try to RP them well. Upon reaching the end of the labyrinth, you are greeted by an animated armor, which attacked you without a single hesitation. The only way to defeat it is destroying its core, which is the equivalent of our heart. The rank of this animated statue is experienced. The statue wields a sword, and it made out of enchanted iron. It has enhanced strength, but in exchange, its attacks and movements are slower.

    If you lose to the statue, you lose your medallion, but the armor is grateful enough to teleport you out of the cave, but it’ll be sealed, as you do not possess the medallion anymore. However, if you defeat it, a door will appear behind it, leading you to the next quest.

    Quest Rewards: 350 Exp, after completion Lost Scrolls (Part III) automatically begins

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