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    Lost Scrolls (Part I)



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    Lost Scrolls (Part I)

    Post by Britannia on Sun Jan 18, 2015 6:50 pm


    Quest Name: Lost Scrolls
    Quest Type: Rare
    Quest Rank: Apprentice
    Quest Requirements: 3k words minimum. This mission can only be done twice by different person. Must be at Liones. Must be at least Apprentice.

    Quest Description: While on his journey to Liones, the royal messenger was robbed. The bandits took everything valuable from him, including the letters and was set free. You come across the messenger, who was stripped naked other than a loin cloth. Approaching him, he begs you to retrieve the letters, which are all in a sack. Accepting the mission, you head off to the bandit’s camp, which is located deep in the forest. There are at least 10 bandits there, 5 at novice level, 2 civilians level, and 3 of apprentice level. The place where the letters are are guarded by the 5 novices. You can either try to sneak across them, which will be super hard, or try to take them on. If you don’t do it quick enough, they might shout, alerting the rest. Upon successfully retrieving the letters, you find a weird medallion right below the sack of the letters. Picking it up, you pocket it. Proceed to return the letters to the messenger.

    Quest Rewards: 250 Exp, and a medallion needed to complete the rest of the Lost Scrolls series.

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