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    Armor of Fallen Aries


    Name : Seri Ires
    Rank : 3-5
    Title : Ram's Sin of Greed
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    Armor of Fallen Aries

    Post by Seri on Sun Jan 18, 2015 2:16 am


       Equipment Name: Armor of Fallen Aries 
       Equipment Type: Armor
       Rank: Sacred
       Treasure: No

       Description: Fallen Aries is a peculiar set of armor. It was forged to look like a fallen constellation, but the maker was mistaken. On the armor, lays a symbol of a ram that is tattoo on the Sin of Greed. The main color of this armor is jet black, but has some red around it. It can barely be seen at night, unless the moon is shining on it. It is said to have metal horns that are similar to a ram. They are stained red at the top to represent the blood of those who oppose Aries. The armor is made for those whose body is strong enough to handle such fine metal.

       Fighting Style: While wearing the the armor, Seri uses his strength to intimidate those weaker than him. He would usually show an example on a tree of how powerful he is. Causing the enemy to lose focus on him. He uses this advantage to its fullest ability by using his speed to get in front of his enemy. It goes them no time at all to react to use attack.

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    Name : Great Britain
    Rank : Country
    Title : Island
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    Re: Armor of Fallen Aries

    Post by Britannia on Wed Jan 21, 2015 6:00 pm

    Approved I guess. Good job.

    Costs [1000] Exp

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