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    Stolen Holy Weapon? [Lex]


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    Re: Stolen Holy Weapon? [Lex]

    Post by Lex on Fri Jan 23, 2015 4:32 pm

    It was almost unbearable for the Bandit, the sheer amount of time that some little knight needed to regain his posture from a light wound. As the bandit stared at his prey he would periodically crack his neck, shoulders, and back; most likely due to the constant armor that he was wearing. The Bandit already towered over the knight in terms of height but once his torso armor was discarded one could now see the bandits bare chest and see not only a expansive set of massive muscles but also a unearthly set of scars.

    In the moment that Relly would move Thag would also make his, the bandit would smash his left fist into the ground in display of speed previously unseen by the bandit. This released a dust cloud into the surroundings both engulfing Thag and in a instant the surrounding areas including the charging Relly. By the time Relly reached the position of where his body was his sword would hit nothing but dust filled air.

    For a few moments the air around Relly was quiet as the dust cloud barley shifted in the non-existent breeze and the only thing that could be heard was the sounds of Lex's fight somewhere else in the area. Eventually though a large dark figure in the dust would appear right within Relly's line of sight flying at him at a high speed with the sound of moving armor being clearly emitted by it. Though it would only be obvious that the dark figure was in fact Thag's discarded armor being thrown at Relly only once it was within striking range. As soon as it was though another figure would appear behind Relly with little to no sound behind it, unlike the other one though this was was much more massive and the clear appearance of a sword being swung in a downward strike timed perfectly with the thrown armor.

    On the other side of the battle field Minx was just about to land on his target after vaulting clear over two other men while caring a armory of weaponry. As Minx was just about to strike down on his target with a mace in hand Lex vaulted forward, rolling on the ground a single time before regaining her footing right in front of the 1st bandit she had earlier knocked over. The 1st bandit had just regained his footing after being knocked over and as soon as he did Lex reappeared before him. Though before he could swing his blade Lex's left forearm smashed into his forearm, knocking both his arm and his sword out of the way as she released a volley of fist strikes into the man's torso. Finishing off the set with a rather heavy strike to the man's face, all of the strikes combined forced the bandit to re-lose his footing and stray backwards which prevented the 2nd bandit from running clear back at Lex. As soon as Lex had finished hitting the 1st bandit Minx had closed the distance between himself and Lex aiming to strike her on her back with his mace. Lex though, as if she had eyes on the back of her head, turned her body the the side so that it moved to her left and now faced Minx. Lex released two quick punches onto the man, one with each hand and finishing with a high-kick that Minx was able to block with his forearm. The moment that Minx did block it he was able to give his mace another swing at Lex who was back in his striking distance. Though once it got close enough Lex merely had to grab Minx's sword arm both preventing the mace from further moving and using it to gain some quick air time and smashed her fist into Minx's face with a rather heavy downward strike. Knocking the light footed bandit clear off his feet.

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