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    Fire Emblem: Way of the Warrior [LB]


    Fire Emblem: Way of the Warrior [LB]

    Post by fewotw on Sat Jan 17, 2015 11:00 pm


    Once, dragons and men coexisted. They shared a peace forged in wisdom, a peace that lasted many generations. All that was lost when mankind disrupted this balance in a sudden onslaught. Man fought dragon in a savage war that shook the foundations of their world. This war was called the Scouring. Defeated and humbled, dragons vanished from the realm. In time man rebuilt and spread his dominion across the land and on to the islands beyond. A millennium has pasted since those dark days ended.

    The story so far:

    The Ruinz Bandits had created an army of bandits from all around the world, waging war with everybody. One morning the village of Kenshin and Matis was lost to the war, vowing for revenge Kenshin set off with his cousin Matis. Gaining allies the two made some minor against Hargus, the leader of the Ruinz Bandits, with no success. Kenshin, leading a small group, had tried to make yet another attempt on Hargus while the others warded off Bern in Ostia. Kenshin had fallen into a trap, at the loss of one of his allies, the heroes of the Scouring had been brought back to life. The group had been warped to meet a living legend, Athos, who fought during the Scouring. They had learned that the Scouring heroes were puppets of Hargus and needed to be stopped. The gathered fighters had broken into smaller groups and went in search of the puppets to defeat them, along the way they met new allies and watched as others fell. While fighting St. Elimine, Kraft had deflected from the party only to watch his spiritual leader die. It wasn't long before all of the puppets had been defeated, the group had challenged Hargus and defeated him.

    In 5 short years Bern had waged yet another war only to be defeated by an alliance between Sacae and Illia. Illia had taken control of Bern as the war ended, in the mean time Kraft had been using the appearance of St. Elimine to act as her prophet and gain political powers in Etruria. Kraft eventually sought out to spread his teachings to the world, by force. Ostia had been destroyed by the might of his army, the abuse of magic had began to cause the dead to rise once again. Richter and Clair had grown tired of doing Kraft's dirty work and deflected from his army, taking a decent amount of soldiers with them. Eventually the land Ostia had rested on gave out, it was as if Elibe did not want anything living on that soil. Volcanoes had appeared out of nowhere scorching the land away.

    The people of Bern had always resented Illia taking their land as their own, after years of living under what some would call oppression, they rebelled against Illia causing a civil war. The rebel's latest attack was at the heart of Bern itself, the capital during a festive event, a tournament in the prized arena.

    Uncovering a text from Hargus' secret library Nacht was able to revive the late Bandit King, who has his eyes on the City of Heroes then the rest of Elibe.

    Site Features:

    Fire Emblem inspired classes: You can chose any of the classes from the gameboy advance titles for your character. You can play as a human using any of the classes from the games, or as a dragon using the 'Manakete' class. Upgrade your class to higher ones for more utility by posting. Sorry, this is an alternate universe, no canon characters allowed.
    250 soft word count: Gain gold by meeting the word count to buy new weapons or skills. Don't worry, if it doesn't meet the word count you can still post it at the cost of gaining 0 gold.
    Friendly Staff: Should I have to mention this? No, but unfortunately there are some sites out there that has not so friendly staff members. We're always here to help you out.
    Family like community: Most places tend to have little niches where it's intimidating to join in. Everybody at the Way of the Warrior is like a big family spread across the globe. Everybody is welcome and nobody is excluded.

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