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    [Gileresta Burdak, Kingdom of Danafor] - [Aspect of Plague] [WIP]


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    [Gileresta Burdak, Kingdom of Danafor] - [Aspect of Plague] [WIP]

    Post by Gileresta on Fri Jan 16, 2015 12:40 pm

    General Information

    Race: Human

    Name: Gileresta "Gil" Burdak
    Sex: Male
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Birthday: November 12th

    Relationships: Single

    Faction: Kingdom of Danafor
    Title: The Harbingers of the Apocalypse - Aspect of Plague
    Rank: Expert
    Alignment: Chaotic Good


    Height: Gileresta stands at 1.98 (6.5 feet)
    Weight: Gilersta weighs in at 86.18 kilograms (190 pounds)
    Eye Color: Gileresta only has one eye, having lost his right one in combat long ago. His left eye, often used to glare at other's menacingly, is a dark yellow, much like that of a cat.  
    Hair color/style: Gileresta loves to look wild and savage, thus his hair is grown to show that. The top part of his hair is pitch black, sticking up wildly, usually with a ponytail on the top. His bangs are pure white, cut at a slope so that one side sits above his eyes, while the other falls down to the center of his chest.
    Extra: Gileresta is a very lean person, his muscles not very large, but tone and cut. His ears are pierced, as well as the right side of his bottom lip, and the left side of his nose. He also wears an eye patch over his missing eye.

    Overall Appearance:

    Standing at six and a half feet, Gileresta is slightly taller than the average man. He is a lean person, with a very tone, tan body. His body is marked with scars, both old and new, some from his childhood, others from battle. His most noticeable scar is on the left side of his face, right under his good eye.

    Gileretsa is usually seen clad in all black, and very rarely wearing an actual shirt. Instead, he wears bandages wrapped around his lower torso. To cover the rest of his upper body, Gileresta wears an over sized, but light cloak that he can wrap around himself. His pants are full length, baggy pants, held up by a red sash around his waist.

    Wrapped around his left hand Gileresta wears black leather up to his elbow. On his left hand, he has more bandages wrapped around a short blade which can be detached from it's hilt.

    Face Claim: This Guy.


    War The sound of blade's meeting on a battlefield, a comrade's dying scream ringing out as you lock eyes with your opponent. The feelings of excitement and fear as you narrowly avoid a foe's attack. Gileresta loves war, the ability to fight with no restrictions what so ever, to slaughter as many enemies as you want, with no consequences.

    Fame Being one of the legendary Aspects of Death, Gileresta's name is known far and wide, even if it's not his true name that people speak. This fame has inflated Gileresta's ego, and he never passes up the chance to announce his presence, and even prove who he is, if necessary.

    Women Being a red-blooded male at the ripe age of adulthood, Gileresta naturally has a taste for women. He is often seen flirting with the most attractive women in the kingdom, using his stature as a way to impress them, and hopefully take them home for the night.

    Food Even monsters have to eat. Having been raised in a poor family, there were many nights when Gileresta was unable to eat. Now that he's made a name for himself, and is able to afford it, he makes sure to eat three square meals a day, and always the good stuff. His favorite food is any type of seafood.

    Music Gileresta, despite having no musical talent at all, enjoys music of all types. He finds it relaxing, even for someone as crazy as himself. Music helps him think, and is often the only thing that will bring a true smile to his face.

    Weakness in a Warrior Some people cannot be blamed for their weakness, such as children, or common folk. As warrior, however, has no excuse. And Gileresta will hear none. He despises those who would surrender in battle, rather than die like a warrior. He is known for stripping surrendering enemies of their weapons, armor, and clothing, and sending them back to their kingdom to embarrass themselves.

    Bullies Those who prey on the weak are no better than cowards on the battlefield. A sure way to get yourself in trouble with Gileresta is to choose an opponent weaker than yourself, even though they do not wish to fight you. He will often take time out of his day to teach local bullies a lesson.

    Ignorance Gileresta believes those who do not know what they are talking about should sit back and shut up. Pretending you know something when you really don't helps no one, and usually makes a problem far worse than it was to begin with.

    Waiting on another Gileresta is not a patient person. If you make him wait on you too long, he is likely to beat the crap out of you when you finally arrive. That's if he even continued waiting once he got mad.

    Being Hot Gileresta hates being hot. Sweating for no reason gets on his nerves, and being hot makes him very grouchy and irritable. He much rather walk, or fight, in the icy rain.

    Making a Name for himself Gileresta grew up in a broken home. His father was an abusive drunk, who would beat him and his mother daily, for no reason. When his father wasn't being physically abusive, he was being emotionally abusive, telling Gileresta he'd never amount to anything. It is because of this that he strives to be great, to prove that bastard who he called father wrong.

    Protecting those who cannot protect themselves Gileresta knows all too well what it means to be too weak to defend against someone much bigger than yourself. It is this very reason he even joined the military, hoping to make a difference, and to protect the citizens of Danafor.

    Dying This is a common fear among men, though Gileresta's fear is a little more complex. While he never shows any fear of death during battle, allowing himself to get cut and stabbed by attacks he could have easily avoided, it is Gileresta's fear that drives him. His fear is not of death itself, but dying in such a manner that his greatness is lost.

    Being taken prisoner To be locked in a cage, beaten daily once again. These are the things that make up Gileresta's darkest nightmares. He knows that if he were ever taken as a prisoner of war, he would go crazy.

    Never being able to fall in love Even though Gileresta has a knack for taking home any women he can, he does hope to one day be able to find a women to fall in love with, and have children with. He fears that if he is never able to achieve this goal, there will not be anyone to carry on his family name, and continue his legacy.

    Overall Personality: His mind twisted by years of physical and emotional abuse by his father, Gileresta often appears to have split personalities. To the law abiding citizens of Danafor, he is a kind and gentle man, often playing with the children while their parents perform house work. He is seen daily buying food for the homeless, even taking them to his own home so that they may have a bath. He will come to the aid of anyone who needs it.

    Gileresta is a smart ass. During mission briefings and training exercises Gil is often heard mouthing off, cracking jokes, and just plain talking shit. He will also pick fights with anyone who looks down on him, or insults him in anyway. He's a hot head, and will fly off the handle, even if the other person is being playful.  

    Once he steps on the battlefield, however, the switch flips. When faced with an opponent who seeks to harm him, or the people of Danafor, Gileresta becomes a sadistic and ruthless fighter. He shows no mercy to his enemy as long as their weapon is still raised, and will take on multiple opponents at once as an intimidation tactic. Because of his past, he has a high tolerance for pain, and will often allow non-lethal attacks to land, while continuing to laugh as he slaughters those before him.


    History: Gileresta was born of a whore and a drunk. Both were poor, his father using any money he made to buy alcohol, then coming home and blaming his mother for not having food for the night, before dragging her to the bedroom to have his way with her. As a young boy, Gileresta suffered beatings daily, and often went days without food. His mother did what she could to make sure he survived, but she failed to even protect herself.

    When Gileresta was twelve years old, his father returned home drunk, as always, but on this night, he was much angrier than usual. In his fit of rage, he grabbed Gileresta, and began punching him in the face and chest. This was much different than the normal beating of being whipped repeatedly. Soon, Gileresta sat against the wall, his body bruised, his face bloody. His nose and several ribs were broken. Then his father went into the kitchen, and returned with a large knife.

    Gileresta stared in horror as blood, snot, and tears fell from his face onto his bare chest. It was at that moment that his mother moved in, smashing his father over the head with a large vase. She quickly helped Gil stand, and the two began to move towards the door. However, his father stood suddenly, grabbing his mother by the hair. Time seemed to stand still as Gil turned towards his mother, looking directly into her terror filled eyes. The last words he ever heard from his mother's mouth were "I love you Gileresta. RUN!" And run he did.

    Gileresta ran for three days, until he could run no more. The air had grown cold, and soon he found himself lying on the ground, a layer of snow beginning to form over his body. Closing his eyes, Gil welcomed death's embrace. However, such peace never came to the young man.

    When he first awoke, his vision was blurry, but he was warm. He wondered for a moment if he had died, if this was heaven. Then he heard voices. Blinking quickly to clear up his vision, Gileresta sat up quickly, only to be met with the pain of his broken ribs. Looking around, he found himself in a small room with a fireplace across the room from him.

    "So you're finally awake," came a voice, "though you shouldn't sit up, the doctors say that you've got several broken ribs."

    Turning his head towards the voice, Gileresta found himself looking at a man clad in armor. His smile was warm and friendly, and his eyes were soft. Gileresta didn't know what to say to the man, so he simply said nothing. Instead, he laid back down, groaning in pain as he did so.

    ''Allow me to introduce myself," the man said, still smiling, "I am Rowan Burdak."

    Feeling obligated to introduce himself, Gileresta spoke, "My name is Gileresta."

    "Ah well, Gileresta, you're one lucky boy. My troops found you lying in the snow, half dead. If we hadn't, you'd have frozen out there. Say, where are your parents?"

    Gileresta lay quiet for a moment, the memory of his father's beating, and his mother's sacrifice, coming back to him.

    "They're dead," he said.

    "Well..." Rowan paused for a moment. "If your parents are dead, how would you like to come live with me? My wife is unable to have children, and I think she would enjoy having someone young around the house."

    From that day on, Gileresta was a member of the Burdak family. His life got much better, though he never forgot about the monster that was his real father. He developed a close relationship with Rowan, almost as if the two were really father and son. Over the years, Rowan taught Gileresta to use a sword. Once he had mastered the basic art of sword fighting, he would create his own style, using a sword in one hand, and a dagger in the other. When he was old enough to join the Knight academy, he excelled in combat, leaving his classmates behind.

    It wasn't long after Gileresta graduated from the academy that the war with the barbarians began. It was during an attack on a barbarian outpost that his world would be sent spinning again. Gil and Rowan had been put into the same unit for a surprise attack on the outpost. All was going well, until they found themselves surrounded by enemy archers. It was a trap. With a flurry of arrows, the entire battalion was killed. All except Gileresta. As the first arrow had been let loose, Rowan had thrown himself on top of Gil, using himself as a shield, to defend the man he called son. Only one arrow had actually hit him, piercing through Rowan's body, and stabbing him in the right eye.

    As he looked into the cold, lifeless, eyes of the only man he had ever looked at as a father, something awoke instead Gileresta. Slowly, he rose from the ground, laying Rowan's body down softly. Drawing his sword, Gil moved with a new found speed, and the fury of a demon. He slaughtered all the archers.

    When he returned to Danafor, he relayed his story to his commanders. The enemies blood was caked to his skin, while his own blood still trickled from his wounds, and half an arrow still stuck in his eye, though he showed no sign of emotion. Soon after, Gileresta was appointed the title of Plague, an aspect of Death, and one of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. In the coming months, he and his new comrades would defeat the Barbarian forces, pushing them back from their Kingdom.

    RP Sample: The rain fell heavily around the battlefield. Lightning streaked across the sky, creating a momentary day light, revealing the scene. Six barbarian warriors stood outside the gates of a small and supposedly defenseless village, weapons drawn. One man stood before them, draped in black, his cloak blowing wildly in the wind. This man was the one known as Gileresta, the aspect of Plague.

    Gileresta's eye moved between the men rapidly, a crazed look on his face. These bastards had come here under the impression the village was unprotected, as Punishment had lead their forces to the main barbarian stronghold. Perhaps they had come looking to take prisoners, or maybe to kill everyone as one final hurrah. Too bad for them Gileresta had arrived just in time.

    Finally, he set his sights on one of the warriors, the one in the front. His tongue slid over his lips briefly. Then, he moved. With the speed and ferocity of a devil, Gileresta darted towards the nearest barbarian, lifting his sword above his head before bringing it down towards the man. With barely a moment to react, the barbarian managed to lift his own blade to defend, only to feel a second blade enter his chest a moment later and pierce his lung.

    Pulling the blade from the warriors chest, Gil let the body fall to the ground as he turned his attention to the other five. One of the men had already began to charge towards him. Lifting his hand, he would parry the sword strike with the blade strapped to his wrist, at the same time bringing his own sword up to slice the attacker's arm off. The barbarian opened his mouth to scream in pain, only to have his head removed before he could make a sound.

    He turned to the other four warriors. They had gotten closer to one another, and it appeared they were going to fight him as a group. That was fine by him. Laughing manically for a moment, Gileresta charged the group, who tightened their ranks and prepared themselves. As he came within range of the group, one of the men struck out with his blade. Gil leaned to the side, allowing the blade to graze his face. He would then step within the man's guard and bring his own sword up, cutting him clean in half. Blood sprayed the other three attackers, only to be washed away by the rain seconds later.

    Gileresta began to laugh again, though this time he didn't stop. As he engaged next man, his laughter rang out. Soon, a circle of dismembered bodies laid on the ground before him. A crazed look rested upon his face as he continued to laugh. These men had been no match for someone of his caliber. His only regret was that they hadn't brought more sheep for the slaughter.


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    Re: [Gileresta Burdak, Kingdom of Danafor] - [Aspect of Plague] [WIP]

    Post by Britannia on Tue Jan 20, 2015 5:34 pm

    I can't really tell why you gave him Aspect of Plague. Comparing Alberdeen's application to yours, his was much more prominent in the representation of his Aspect. I hope that you come to flesh out the aspect more and more in roleplay.

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    Re: [Gileresta Burdak, Kingdom of Danafor] - [Aspect of Plague] [WIP]

    Post by Britannia on Tue Jan 20, 2015 8:45 pm


    I decide to revoke my approval after brooding over it. I need something more from this character. Your application is good, but there's too little reason in it for the dude to be an Aspect of Plague. I need something he's known for. And killing enemies is just too little for him to become a Harbringer. The strongest dudes in Danafor. I just need a reason why he would carry the title of Plague. A reason why he wouldn't just become a high ranking Holy Knight, but a Harbringer of the Apocalypse.

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    Re: [Gileresta Burdak, Kingdom of Danafor] - [Aspect of Plague] [WIP]

    Post by Gileresta on Tue Jan 20, 2015 11:31 pm

    You're right. I honestly think I rushed to finish the sheet and didn't really think of a legit reason for my character to become the aspect of Plague. I'll get to work on fixing it and hopefully coming up with a decent reason. Thanks for your time, and I really appreciate the feed back.
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    Re: [Gileresta Burdak, Kingdom of Danafor] - [Aspect of Plague] [WIP]

    Post by Axel Rover on Sun Feb 15, 2015 11:36 pm

    Please state that you are still working on this app within the next week, or it will be archived.


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    Re: [Gileresta Burdak, Kingdom of Danafor] - [Aspect of Plague] [WIP]

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