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    Quest Creation Template



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    Quest Creation Template

    Post by Britannia on Sun Oct 19, 2014 2:17 pm

    (Quests Of Legend are only created by staff and can not be applied.)


    [b]Quest Name:[/b]
    [b]Quest Type:[/b]
    [b]Quest Rank:[/b]
    [b]Quest Location:[/b]
    [b]Quest Requirements:[/b]

    [b]Quest Description:[/b]

    [b]Quest Rewards:[/b]



    Quest Name: (Give your Quest a name)
    Quest Type: (Look in the Quest Guidelines to assign this Quest a Type)
    Quest Rank: (Assign this Quest a Rank)
    Quest Location: (Where is this Quest's location?)
    Quest Requirements: (Word Count, Post Count, Word per Post Count, Character Requirements, Specific Rank Requirements. All requirements that NEED to be met to complete the mission have to go in here.)

    Quest Description: (Give a detailed description of what the Quest consists of. Higher Ranked Quests as well as Rare and Unique Quests will need in depth explanations of what they consist of. If the Quest-Taker will face adversaries, these adversaries will need descriptions of their abilities and of who they are. If there are any details that need to be incorporated to make this Quest meaningful or actually work, they need to be included as well)

    Quest Rewards: (What is the reward for the Quest? Common Quests only give Exp, Rare and Unique Quests can give additional rewards)

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