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    Blood |LB|



    Blood |LB|

    Post by Cameo on Thu Jan 15, 2015 12:39 am

    "Blood. It moves through us, out of us and in the end it is all that matters"

    *No word count
    *Shapeshifters: Wolves, Leopards, Dogs, Cats and birds
    *Gifted Humans
    *R Rated

    Present day. Welcome to Ashville, England. The largest city in the south west of England, and the supernatural crime capital of England. Where London boasts equality for all species, Ashville, governed by a conservative council it has always been the voice of segregation for humans and supernaturals. But, subject to UK law it follows in the countries progression, be it grudgingly. Each day crimes against supernaturals, and crimes by supernaturals against Humans occur. While the city looks peaceful and radiant on the outside, in the alley ways and night time streets tensions are rising, not only between humans the supernaturals, but between the supernaturals themselves.

    The forum

    Welcome to Blood, an open, sandbox roleplay set within he fictional city of Ashville, Uk. Inspired by the world settings of Anita Blake, Mercy Thompson, True Blood and the Women of the Otherworld series we combined various species and critters from across the supernatural genre.


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