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    Red Rose

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    Red Rose

    Post by Sword'n Shield on Wed Jan 14, 2015 9:54 pm


    Equipment Name: Red Rose
    Equipment Type: Weapon
    Rank: Holy
    Treasure: No, for now.


    The Red Rose is a long sword, the blades measures up to 98 cm exactly in length and weighs 2.6 lb in total. The blade of this sword is made out of Black Steel, this material makes the blade much more resilient than the average blade meaning it can survive for way more than just one fight. The hilt of the blade is wrapped in a red cloth, however rumor has it that this cloth never used to be red. It was originally white. However after being put through many battles, the cloth got stained with blood thus giving the cloth a crimson look. Before we dwell into the history of the sword, I would like to point out that on the edge of this blade is the pattern of a dark red rose running from the bottom of the blade to the absolute tip of it. The hilt also has a comfortable feel to it.

    The Red Rose was crafted by a blood thirsty ruler. This leader loved nothing but blood shed, he had a raging lust for the spill of blood. Due to this characteristic of his, his land got into many wars and he'd always lead his army into the battle with a sinister smile on his face as he chopped away the opponent's limbs. He would be victorious in most of these battles however one day, the army refused to be led by such a king. Whilst they won pointless wars, they were also losing precious lives.

    The king couldn't care less.

    On his next battle, he entered the battlefield alone. Nothing but his armor, shield, and blade to accompany him. He charged the enemy but was easily struck down. His blade was sold from person to person until it finally fell into the hands of Saki's father, who then passed it onto Saki.

    This is quite the sharp blade and can cut through or leave a mark on most materials with enough strength except materials such as diamonds.

    Fighting Style:
    The basic slashing, piercing and blocking but with a bit more "umph". When commencing a offensive move, Saki puts most of his power into the attack. When defending, his power lowers but he begins to focus on how to handle the weapon and where to place it in order to fend off the attack. Saki, when in battle, is almost always looking for a way to slip in a unexpected counter attack to turn the tables into his favor.

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    Re: Red Rose

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