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    Race Creation Template



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    Race Creation Template

    Post by Britannia on Sun Oct 19, 2014 1:58 pm

    (Approved Races will be found in the Universe Guidelines under Race Information)

    [b]Race Clan Name:[/b]




    Template Information:
    Race Clan Name: Different races have the side-title of being clans. Fairy clan, Giants clan, Humans clan.
    Biology: Describe their biology. Height, weight, age ranges etc.

    Advantage: Explain the relative advantages they have over other races. E.g. Giants being exponentially stronger than humans by birth.
    Disadvantage: Explain relative disadvantages they have in comparison with other races. E.g. Fairy having little strength in comparison to humans.

    Origin: Where are the races origins if there are any known?

    Habitats: Where do they live? Where are their societies?

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