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    Seri Ires -- Ram's Sin of Greed


    Name : Seri Ires
    Rank : 3-5
    Title : Ram's Sin of Greed
    EXP : 13973
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    Seri Ires -- Ram's Sin of Greed

    Post by Seri on Mon Jan 12, 2015 5:52 am

    General Information

    Race: Human

    Name: Seri Ires
    Sex: Male
    Gender: Male
    Age: 26
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Birthday: December 12th

    Relationships: Single

    Faction: Kingdom of Liones
    Title: Ram's Sin of Greed
    Rank: Expert
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


    Height: 1.8 m (6'2" ft)
    Weight: 77.1107 kg (170 lb)
    Eye Color: Blue
    Hair color/style: Blue/Spiked & Messy
    Extra: N/A

    Overall Appearance:

    Seri is taller than most people of Liones, he currently stands at 6'2 and weighs 170 lbs. He has a very muscular build like his father and a light tan skin tone like his mother. His body is living proof of how hard it is for him to be killed. He has a large scar that comes vertically across his chest. He also has a scar on the left side of his cheek, but to see it, you would have to be at least 10 feet away from him. To let people know he was indeed a member of the Seven Deadly Sins, he has a tattoo of a ram on the left side of his neck. It can be seen by almost anybody surrounding him.

    Ever since he came to the Kingdom of Liones, Seri has never like the fashion that the people have. He likes to dress where people would notice him. He usually wears a white vest that comes as far as the middle of his torso. The vest is black on the inside and can be turned inside out. It is left open to show the scar that he has that comes vertically across his chest. To cover his legs, he wears a long white somewhat tight pants. On the left side of the pants, are a symbol of a ram. He also has a bone mask that covers the left side of right side of his jaw as a trophy.

    Face Claim: [Grimmjow Jeagerjaques] - (BLEACH)



    • Shiny Objects
    • Fighting
    • Women
    • Festivals
    • Cooking


    • Not Being Notice
    • Cowards
    • Sleep
    • Boring Places
    • Brownies

    Wealth: To Seri, being rich is the greatest thing anyone could have in life. If he becomes wealthy, no one can ignore him. The only way for him to become wealthy, is by stealing. He does not care how long it will take or how much he has to steal, he will become wealthy before he dies.

    Strength: Being strong is something everyone should have. To Seri, if you are strong, you will not be pushed around. Since a child, he has committed himself to become the strongest thing alive. He will not be killed by anyone or anything that comes in his path. He will not let himself die no matter what his body is put through.

    Avenging The Orphans: Since the killing of the people who he was most close to, Seri has sworn to make it his personal business to avenge them. He does not want to die until he has taken away what those people who hold most dear to them. He has made this his primary objected and has not share this with anyone, but the King of Liones.


    Being Torture: It is a deep far of his to be tortured. He has never really been tortured, but his days in the Liones prison made him fear it. He could hear the screams of those being tortured. Every time a man would get dragged into their torture room, he would pray they would not come for him. What made it worst, he seen what the people looked like when they would come out.

    Seeing the Orphans: He couldn't take seeing the kids and the foster mother getting burned. It would make it even worst if he sees the alive. He can't even stand having a dream where he meets them again in life. It would cause him to wake up screaming. If he sees them again that, he might have a panic attack. He would end up traumatized for weeks, he wouldn't be able to talk to anyone without seeing the faces of the kids again.

    More Love Ones Being Killed: He couldn't take anymore deaths of those who he deeply cared about. To many has died who he cared about. If another died he would surely know that he is bad luck to those who are around him. He would end up isolating himself from others so he not get attached to people.

    Overall Personality:

    Seri is a very greedy person. He sees no reason to share with others unless it is mandatory.  Especially when he gets the rewards from the mission he completes. The only time he has every shared with somebody was when he was younger and was living with orphans. This causes people to look at him as a untrustworthy person and sometimes makes people think he is a thief.

    Seri is a very playful person. He tends to make jokes at the worst time possible and acts like a kid even though he is in his mid-twenties. He has a great sense of humor, but tends to repeat what he says. Which causes some people to dislike him. In most times, Seri would mock others around them when they have their backs turn. He would only do this if he finds what they are saying very boring.

    When it comes to fighting, Seri becomes a different person in some people eyes. He really sees his enemy as a set of stairs that he has to climb, making him determined to the very end. He believes that everyone can continue to fight until every last bone in their body is broken or they are dead. Any cowards in his eyes are considered trash that needs to be disposed of quickly. This is why sometimes fellow Holy Knights would stay away from him.

    Seri is not the type of person to think twice about an order unless it is something that he sees ridiculous. He will always complete his mission with his full ability. Sometimes, he would do his mission wrong if the mission provider does not provide specific instruction. Which causes him to not have money sometimes. He thinks that failure does not even deserve partial amount of a reward. Which is why every mission he completes is done to his full extent.

    Seri is a very secretive person. He does not see any reason to really share his personal information with others. Especially to the other members of Seven Deadly Sins, unless it is something that could end up getting himself killed. This is one of the reason most people cannot trust him. Sometimes, it is a good thing for him to be secretive. Which in most times is all the time.



    Seri was born to a very poor family that lived in an abandon home inside the walls of Camelot. His mother and father had to go from job to job and didn't have enough to feed themselves. They tried their best to feed their son on the money they made, but it was very hard. They were starting to consider that they give him away to an orphanage, but they didn't have it in them to actually go through with it. So they kept on trying to take care of their baby.

    A couple of months passed since the birth of Seri and his family was starting to seem more hopeless. His mother became ill with a sickness that the father knew nothing of. He didn't have enough money to send her to a doctor, but was determined to get the money. He worked day and night to get the money for his wife, but his child needed to be taken care of too. When the time came for him to take his wife to a doctor, she died. This threw the husband into a deep sadness. He was unable to take care of his son and unable to work. He was force to give Seri up to a nearby orphanage, but he didn't want to leave him without any way of knowing what him and his wife looked like and why they had to give him up. So, he left him a picture with a note on the back saying why. After he dropped Seri off at the orphanage, he committed suicide.

    Seri was now five and he was beginning to long for his parents. All he had of them was a picture of his father and mother before he was born. There was also a note n the back, but Seri could not read yet. So he had the owner of the orphanage read it to him. As the words pour out of her mouth, he began to cry. He couldn't believe what they had to go through since his birth, all the sadness his father experience. He wonder if him being born was a bad thing, but he quickly forgot about that thought. After he cried, he realized the orphanage was in a similar position. They did not have much money to take care of the kids and the women were almost sad everyday. He couldn't understand why they would start the orphanage in the first place.

    At the age of seven, Seri was becoming a food thief. He stole to feed his money brothers and sisters, but most of the time it was just for him. He would sometimes steal for his amusement. He loved the rush he would get from taking from merchants. He soon became addicted to stealing shinny objects such as; jewelry, shields, and daggers. He would take these things for the kids of the orphanage. Sometimes he would even sell it to travelers who come through Camelot. The other kids would ask him why he would take such items and he would simply reply, "I like shinny things."

    A year past since Seri began stealing and he was already getting himself in some trouble with some of the richer kids. One day when he was looting a home with one of his older brothers. They were trying to get enough items to sell to pay for their youngest sister to see a doctor. She growing incredibly ill and they did not want to see her die. They went to one of the most wealthiest family in the whole kingdom and broke into their castle. They took jewelry, paintings, and vases. When they came out of the castle, they quickly made their way towards the merchants. When they arrived, they sold everything they took and made enough money for 3 others to see the doctors.

    Later on that day, they were making their way back to an orphanage when a carriage stopped in front of them. They did not understand what was going on, but they knew it was trouble. Four people came out from the carriage and stood in front of them. No of them were particularly big or muscular. They all look about the same age of his older brother, but they were shorter and looked more fragile. One of the smaller ones began to speak to them, "Oy Oy, why'd you go stealing from our family?" Seri and his brother looked at each other and began to walk away from the boys. They simply respond at the action by grabbing Seri and throwing him to the ground. "Oy, we are talking to you two." He told them. His older brother quickly responded by throwing  couple of punches at the boys. His brother could fight well, he learned from his many street fights. The other boys seem like they could not fight at all, so Seri used this to his advantage. He got up and began to throw punches at the boys. He was doing okay for his age, dodging the slow punches of one of the boys, but then from behind, he was hit in his face. The punch was felt as if a rock had been thrown into his face. At that, Seri had blacked out.

    When Seri woke in his bed back at the orphanage. No one was around, but his brother who fought with him. His brother throw him a towel and headed out the room. Seri didn't know why he was given the towel, until he felt the blood dripping from the left side of his cheek. He couldn't believe he was bleeding from that little thing. He wiped his cheek and walked out of the room. When he entered into the main room of the orphanage, he saw his older brother standing there with his face all beat up. He didn't know how to react from seeing that, but he knew that this could not happen again. He swore that he would steal by himself so that no one else would be harmed.

    Two years past since Seri had already stole from almost everyone in Camelot. He was about to steal from one of the richest men in the Kingdom, but it required planning. After a month or two of planning out how he would commit is theft, Seri finally thought he was ready. He went to the man's castle in the daytime and waited until nightfall to appear. As he waited, Seri could hear the people of the Kingdom shouting and it was only dusk. He could also small smoke coming from the direction of the orphanage. He didn't know what was happening, but he knew he had to go an find out. So, he took of in a sprint towards the orphanage and didn't stop until he saw a crowd circling it. They were holding torches and items he could not well make out.

    "BRING US THE THIEF!" He heard them shouting. He knew they could only be referring to him. Seri couldn't risk the people of the kingdom seeing, so he put a hood over his head and began to make his way through. He pushed and shoved people out of the way until he could see two people standing in front of the orphanage. The first was a very tall a muscular man. The second was the woman who ran the orphanage. He saw her on her knees begging him for something. When he made his way though and got behind the man. "Bring us the thief and we will leave you be."" He told the woman. She replied with, "I do not know where he has gone. He left this morning and hasn't returned since." The man didn't look to please with what she was saying. He turned his attention towards some of the people in the crowd and gave them a nod.

    At that instant, the men in the crowd rush to the building of the orphanage and set it a flame. Seri couldn't believe what he was watching. How could these people burn down the building and just kill of the children inside. Seri covered his eyes, but looked again when he heard something being drawn. He saw the man pull out a sword from his left side. The man aimed it at the woman and said, "You shall be punished for the sins of that child!" He plunged the sword into the woman and she let out a most painful scream. Seri couldn't stand there and watch what was happening, so he ran. He ran away from the crowd and kept running until he reached the kingdom gates. He could not stay in Camelot. They would kill him even they caught him. So he decided to leave and travel until he reached somewhere safe. From that point on, Seri became a wander at the age of ten.

    Five years past since the death of those of the orphanage. Seri couldn't stand the thought of what happen. It made him wince every time he would think about it. He had to try and replace the memory of them with something new. He thought about making memories in Liones since that is where everyone goes to become rich. He traveled a great distance to get to Liones. He learned how to fight, cook, hunt. He even got himself a ram. He decided to take the ram with him to Liones as his pet. Once he got to Liones, he could already see the difference between them and Camelot. One of the bigger difference they had were the children running around happy with jewelry on and everything. Seri couldn't help but take some of their stuff while he was walking. He used it to buy him a room in an Inn where he could stay until he bought a home for himself. He looked for a job everywhere, until finally he found out the King needed a cook. He was pretty good at cooking, so he decided to give it a try.

    The King loved the food Seri had made as a sample to see if he was worthy of cooking for him. He couldn't believe the luck. He would have a job that would pay him good. Sometime past as Seri worked in the castle as a cook. He learned many things, he sometime watched the Holy Knights train. He was starting to wish he could become one of the Holy Knights. They were strong and had power. He wanted to become strong and have power, but he was weak. He wanted to learn how they became so strong, so he to can be on their level of strength.

    One day, Seri went down to the Great Holy Knight and ask if they could train him so he could become strong, but the Great Holy Knight laughed in his face. "HA! A puny cook like you could never become a Holy Knight or even get strong to be an apprentice!" He said to Seri. This enraged him to a level he has never achieved before. Seri simply thanked the Great Holy Knight for his time and left. That night, Seri plan to take his weapon and see how strong he would be against it or even sell it. That way he could see how strong he would be without it.

    When nightfall came, he snuck into where the Great Holy Knight slept and took his weapon. He couldn't believe how heavy it was, but he couldn't expect much less of the Great Holy Knight. He started to make his way towards the the window from which he came through. When two guards came in and caught him red handed. One of the guards over reacted and slashed at Seri. The slash cut through the middle of his chest leaving a bloody wound. Seri couldn't take that much blood loss and passed out. Later he woke up in a cell deep in the castle. He looked around and asked one of the guards who was standing there where he was. The guard replied with, "You are in the dungeon for attempting to steal the Great Holy Knight's weapon. You will be here for eternity." Seri couldn't believe what he was hearing. Was he really gonna stay here for the rest of his life. He was only sixteen and had much more time ahead of him.

    Three years past since Seri had been in this prison rotting away. He was almost certain he would be the next man to get tortured, but he was wrong. The King had come to visit had in his cell. He was sure the King did not want to speak to him since he was his cook and now he was a prisoner. The King came in with items. He had brought for Seri; a pot with hot water and various food items. The King said to him handing these to him, "Hello my friend, I wish for you to make me soup." Seri was confused and replied, "But I am not your cook." The King smiled and responded, "Indeed you are not, but you make the best soup I have tasted in my entire life." Seri raised an eyebrow and reached for the items. He began to make the soup just the way the King liked it. Once he had finished, he pushed the pot towards the King. "This is for both of us, I wanted to chat while we eat." The King said to him. Seri raised an eyebrow again wondering what he wanted to talk about.

    As they eat, the King began to tell him that from the moment he saw him, he realized he was the young man who had gotten an orphanage burned down and a woman killed all because he didn't want to turn himself forward. Seri winced at the King's words. He forgotten about that, but it wish he was dead than be in this prison. Then the King spoke again, "You are a very greedy man. You only want personal gain, correct?"" Seri turned away from the King and said, "Is it my fault for having nothing." The King replied, "You had people who loved you, didn't you?" Seri had never thought about that. The King spoke again, "I am willing to give you another chance at life, but it comes with a price. You will answer to me and me alone as a Seven Deadly Sin." Seri had raised an eyebrow. He had heard of a group like this, they were the strongest in the land and had all committed a sin wrongful towards the people. He turned his head back towards the King. The King spoke once more, "From this point on, you shall have the title of Ram Sin of Greed. You will be trained to become on the same level as the other sins, starting tomorrow."
    Seri was shocked to find out such news. He couldn't wait to get out. It was only a matter of time, before he shows the Great Holy Knight that he was wrong and all those people who took part in the murdering of the orphanage.

    Seri was turning twenty-six in a few months when he received the worst news. The King had been killed. Seri knew the man was old, but he did not know that he would be dead in such a short time of him being released from the prison. He was starting to show some he was worthy of being called a member of the Seven Deadly Sins, but he was sad that King couldn't see his progress. He didn't want to stay in Liones anymore if the King couldn't see what a great man he had become, so he left. He left the Kingdom of Liones and went into hiding. He would not tell any of the Sins where he has gone. If they needed him, they would look for him.

    RP Sample:

    He had at least twenty vents on a sheet of paper and their location. Monzo was good at remembering stuff that he wrote down. So if he happen to get lost in the vents, he would just use his memory for help. He got up from his seat and started to walk around the mall. He wanted to kill some time before he went on this date. So he decided to head to the stairwell that led to the roof. He put his hand on the doorknob and turned it. Locked. He cursed under his breath and looked around. He saw a security guard standing at to his far right. He knew what he had to do.

    He sneaked over to a pillar that was next to the security guard and grabbed the him. Monzo pulled him into the corner and hit him in the neck. The security guard went limp, Monzo knew he hadn't killed him. Why would he had killed an innocent, unless they are trying to attack/kill him. He search the security guard for his keys, he just hoped he wasn't one of those guards that didn't carry around keys. He found the keys in the security guards left pocket. He wonder if anyone notice him knocking out the guard. Just in case someone would find him, he had to hide the body. He picked up the guard and walked over to a nearby trashcan. He open the lid and throw guard in. He hoped no one would throw away trash any time soon.

    He walked over to the door and started sticking in random keys. It took about 3 minutes before he found the right key. He was glad that it didn't take longer, any long would've attracted attention. He started to walk up the stairs to get to the roof. He wonder if they had put guards up there too. If they did, that would suck. He opened the door that led to the roof, but just to make sure, he was going to open the door just a little. Once he open the door, he stuck his head out and looked around. He saw nothing. It relieved him of some of his pressure that was on his shoulders. He walked out onto the roof to find a guard smoking on the behind a wall. The guard turned his attention towards him and said "FREEZE! DON'T MOVE A MUSCLE."

    PSST -- that rp sample isn't the same and was made a long time sorry.

    Source: Friend Showed Me

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    Re: Seri Ires -- Ram's Sin of Greed

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    Approved at the rank of Experienced(3-5), as Sin of Greed's Ram. 2k EXP to Start with.

    All Beta Bonuses apply.

    - All approved characters will receive an additional 15% starting experience (= 300 Exp)
    - All approved characters start with a Holy-Ranked equipment of their choice
    - When first buying skills with Exp, you will receive a 10% cost reduction!

    You may reply with your skill purchase.

    Name : Seri Ires
    Rank : 3-5
    Title : Ram's Sin of Greed
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    Re: Seri Ires -- Ram's Sin of Greed

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    Skill Template : [3484]

    • [Strength Enchantment] - [Level 2]
    • [Speed Enhancement] - [Level 2]
    • [Weapon Mastery] - [Level 2]
    • [Hand to Hand] - [Level 2]
    • [Stealth] - [Level 1]
    • [Damage Resistance] - [Level 1]
    • [Power Suppression] - [Level 1]


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    Re: Seri Ires -- Ram's Sin of Greed

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    Your purchase rounds off at [2300] Exp and ends up at [2070] Exp after applying the Beta Bonus. Congratz.

    That leaves you with [1440] Exp.

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    Re: Seri Ires -- Ram's Sin of Greed

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