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    Alberdeen's Power: Executioner's force Application


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    Alberdeen's Power: Executioner's force Application

    Post by FieryNyan on Sat Jan 10, 2015 7:44 am

    1. The amount of pressure felt by his enemies and that he exerts is completely overwhelming to his lessers. While people of his own rank may only feel themselves debilitated in the sense of slowed movement and reaction speed, those who are as low as two ranks lower than him feel will feel the pressure grinding down on their very bone structure. Some survivors noted that their subordinates found their legs shattering trying to withstand the change in gravity. It takes a person of great strength, talent, and rank to full withstand the power that is Alberdeen.

    About this, why not create a graph to show how much it affects people of equal rank, one rank below, one rank above, etc? Something like this :

    -3 TierWhat would happen blah blah
    -2 TierHow much affected
    -1 Tierblahblah
    Equal TierYou should get it by now
    +1 Tieretc
    +2 Tieretc
    +3 Tieretc
    Here's the code if you're not familiar to BBcode :
    [table border="1"][tr][td]-3 Tier[/td]
    [td]What would happen blah blah[/td]
    [tr][td]-2 Tier[/td]
    [td]How much affected[/td]
    [tr][td]-1 Tier[/td]
    [tr][td]Equal Tier[/td]
    [td]You should get it by now[/td]
    [tr][td]+1 Tier[/td]
    [tr][td]+2 Tier[/td]
    [tr][td]+3 Tier[/td]

    2. And, depending on the severity of the battle, the area affected by increased gravity could be as small as a single home to that of an entire city if he is pushed far enough.

    Maybe for this, add a range that scales according to your rank?

    3. This incredible power is not without drawback however, as after it's use Alberdeen feels incredible and crippling fatigue.

    How tired would he be? How long will it take for him to regain his energy?

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