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    Horizon Weyr

    Horizon Weyr

    Horizon Weyr

    Post by Horizon Weyr on Sat Jan 10, 2015 6:22 pm

    [div align="center"][img src="" style="max-width:100%;"]

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    The alteration of the Red Star's orbit, dictated to the Pernese by the computer AIVAS, has destroyed Pern. The climate of the planet has changed dramatically, and earthquakes and flooding have taken their tolls. Only three of the Great Weyrs - Benden, Fort, and Telgar - remain, their fallen brethren absorbed into their ranks. Overcrowding is rampant, causing queens to clutch petite, infertile golds that Pern has dubbed Pyrites. Political relationships between Weyrs are stretched thin.

    Horizon Weyr is a last-ditch effort to expand, an exploratory outpost to the long-abandoned Western Continent. For a time, it was succeeding, but an unexpected pyrite's clutch and the subsequent death of a weyrling queen at the jaws of a sea monster have shaken its riders resolve.

    But Horizon is nothing if not resilient. The only way to go is forward, and so it will press onward. It has no choice.[/div]

    What We Offer:
    [ul type="disc"]
    [li]Post-AIVAS, disaster-torn Pern with a unique political landscape.[/li]
    [li]Open ranks, including queens and leadership positions for chromatic-riders.[/li]
    [li]An open-ended plot that can go in any direction, depending on character actions.[/li]
    [li]A unique, relaxed take on Candidate forms and Impression requests.[/li]
    [li]No sexuality Impressions and a hospitable environment for characters of all genders.[/li]
    [li]One new sport color, with the potential for several more.[/li]

    Current Events:
    [ul type="disc"]
    [li]A new arrival of seacrafters and dolphineers has jump-started the now-cold trail for pyrite Legiath's killer. Whatever the sea monster is, there's never been a better chance of finding it.[/li]
    [li]The winter was hard on the Western Continent's native animal population, and though spring has come, there are rumblings of wild whers close to the Weyr complex. Wherhandlers have been brought over from the Northern Continent to help act as guards and a defense force.[/li]
    [li]Weyrwoman Linfon's pyrite Haisayath has begun to glow, and Horizon is preparing for the possibility of another clutch.[/li]
    [li]A contest for a new wher-level Impressable creature is underway![/li]

    [div align="center"][a href=""]Horizon Weyr[/a][/div]

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