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    Character Template



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    Character Template

    Post by Britannia on Sat Oct 18, 2014 2:25 am

    [center][b][u][size=24][font=Trebuchet]General Information[/font][/size][/u][/b][/center]

    [b]Race:[/b] (Check Race Information for more detail)





    [b]Height:[/b] (in m)
    [b]Weight:[/b] (in kg)
    [b]Eye Color:[/b]
    [b]Hair color/style:[/b]

    [b]Overall Appearance:[/b]

    [b]Face Claim:[/b] [character name] - (Anime/Manga)






    [b]Overall Personality:[/b]


    [b]RP Sample:[/b]


    Template Information:

    General Information

    Race: (Check Race Information for more detail)

    Name: (First Name Last Name)
    Sex: (Male or female? Or other?)
    Gender: (optional - Does your character identify as male, female or neither?)
    Age: (Pay attention to the age ranges mentioned in the race info in the universe guidelines)
    Sexuality: (Straight, Gay, Bi or None?)
    Birthday: (The date on which you were born. Day/Month -in that order- only.)

    Relationships: (optional - Are you single or in a relationship? Are you divorced or maybe even married? Children, family, friends?)

    Faction: (Check Faction Information for more information.)
    Title: (Check Plot and Titles section for more information.)
    Rank: (Check Rank Guidelines for more information.)
    Alignment: (Check Alignment Information for more detail.)


    Height: (in m)
    Weight: (in kg)
    Eye Color:
    Hair color/style:
    Extra: (optional - Is your character's appearance out of the ordinary in any way?)

    Overall Appearance: (Describe your character's appearance in detail)

    Face Claim: [character name] - (Anime/Manga)


    Likes: (min. 5 likes)

    Dislikes: (min. 5 dislikes)

    Motivation: (What is your character's drive?)

    Fears: (min. 3 fears)

    Overall Personality: (Be very detailed)


    History: (Pinpoint important events and summarize the uneventful years.)
    RP Sample: (optional - May optimize the impression of your app)

    Source: (How did you find this forum?)

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