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    [Alberdeen "Al" Horrickson, Kingdom of Danafor] - [Aspect of Punishment]


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    [Alberdeen "Al" Horrickson, Kingdom of Danafor] - [Aspect of Punishment]

    Post by Alberdeen on Fri Jan 09, 2015 5:57 am

    General Information
    Race: Human

    Name: Alberdeen "Al" Horrickson
    Sex: Male
    Gender: Male
    Age: Twenty eight
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Birthday: May 7th

    Relationships: Single

    Faction: Kingdom of Danafor
    Title: The Harbringers of the Apocalypse - Aspect of Punishment
    Rank: Master
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral


    Height: As of his last medical examination, Alberdeen stood at 1.98 meters in height. (6 feet and 5 inches)
    Weight: As of his last medical examination, Alberdeen weighed in at 99.79 kilograms. (220 pounds)
    Eye Color: Alberdeen has light, almost marble looking gray eyes. His eyes are known however to change colors depending on the clothing he is wearing. Lighter colored clothes, such as blue clothes change his eyes to an icy blue color. However, as he is typically adorned in his dark gray armor, his eyes typically maintain their gray hue.
    Hair color/style: As far as hair style goes, Alberdeen is a rather plain and simple man. A lifetime of military service has familiarized him with a short, close to the head hair style not allowing for lengthy locks to obscure his vision. It is similar in fashion to a mohawk, as he keeps the sides of his head shaven down to the skin. His hair color is a dark, almost raven like black. It is a stark contrast to his eyes.
    Extra: Alberdeen, is for the most part, covered in a variety of scars. From head to toe, run a variety of wounds acquired from the variety of battlefields he has visited and conquered. Perhaps the most eye catching of all is the x shaped scar on the left side of his chest, which should have been a lethal wounds. However, Alberdeen was born with a birth defect - where his heart developed on the right side of his chest.

    Overall Appearance:

    The following is an excerpt from the journal of noted historian and war chronicler Leonidas Smith.
    "Albredeen is a man of monstrous proportions, standing many hands taller than his contemporaries. I say this horse measurements as it is appropriate, the man is more of a majestic, imposing stallion than a man. Though, I suppose an ox or even a bull would be even more fitting. Height alone is not enough to impose the greatness of a mans character, no, not height alone but when married with the incredible physique of Alberdeen... it is something incredible. From head to toe, he displays an incredibly muscular and defined body. It is befitting that he is known as the executioner of Danafor, as not many can face his axe and with stand it's blows.

    Aside from having the body nothing short of a demigod, Alberdeen has rough skin reflecting the rough world he has come to know. Tanned from years in the field, scarred from his countless battles, and callused to reflect the times of hardship. Even through it all, scars and deformations, he is... surprisingly handsome. A well defined jaw and mesmerizing eyes have made him the target of many a female suitors who sought to increase the worth of their own families by bringing him into the fold (though it should come as no surprise that he rejected them all).

    Even as the executioner of Danafor, he carries himself in the visage of a soldier who is wholesale dedicated to the Kingdom. From neck to toe he is covered in his signature plate mail. His armor is dark gray, imposing, and bears as many scars of battle as he himself does. From the spiked pauldrons down to the plated greaves, his armor is the perfect compliment and partner to his trusted ax.

    Alberdeen is no saint, and he is far from being a "hero", but he is a symbol for our kingdom. A symbol of hope, and above all - a symbol of justice.

    Face Claim: [Darius] - (League of Legends, drawn by kse332)



    Competition: Whenever there is a tournament within the borders of the Kingdom of Danafor, Alberdeen's presence is to be expected. Though he has long since been banned from entering competitions himself (a bit too many competitors found themselves being carted off the field dead), he still attends to prospect potential followers or even students out of the masses of the Kingdom. He believes that competitions bring out the best and potentially worst of people. Those that accept the judgment that they have lost without resentment, are the bright minds he believes must lead the Kingdom in the future.

    Loyalty: Above justice itself, Alberdeen emphasizes loyalty to both Kingdom and fellow warrior. It is through loyalty that justice may be served, that the Kingdom of Danafor may continue to maintain its status quo. This may perhaps even be the most notable aspect of Alberdeen's personality. He is wholeheartedly dedicated to his Kingdom, carrying it's banner with pride and letting no man insult his home.

    Authority: Without authority, there is no law, and without law there is no justice. Alberdeen puts great importance on maintaining the chain of command within his Kingdom, punishing those who disobey with a public execution in front of either the rest of their company or the city of residence. Many have called him a power drunk zealot, but Alberdeen knows the truth all to well - a body cannot be run with many heads.

    Knowledge: Though he may not seem like one, Alberdeen is quite the scholar, known to have spouts of fanatical reading during his visits to the capital. His favorite subject is history, exploring the lives of those who have walked his path before him is one of his favorite past times. His greatest aspiration is to the be inspiration of many books that will live on even long after he has passed.

    The Crafts: While he may not be an accomplished craftsman, or even a skilled one at that - Alberdeen has great respect for men of the forge. In fact, any smith he finds quality enough to maintain his guillotine whenever damage has been done that is beyond his own capabilities will often be recruited either into his retinue or have their name made famous throughout the Kingdom.

    Weakness: Alberdeen does not judge a man or woman by their physical prowess but rather by their mental toughness. Anyone who would break mentally and retreat from a threat to the Kingdom is nothing more than an insect, that needs to be crushed. He will rout out this foolish mindset of retreat in the minds of all who live within the Kingdom, and those who do not will face the King's justice.

    Corruption: Perhaps the greatest adversary to authority is the cancer that is corruption. Corruption has caused Alberdeen to lose friends, has caused his Kingdom to lose its prized sons and daughters. Corruption has planted the seeds of chaos and mistrust that will grow into the trees that nurture war. It is corruption that Alberdeen wages his own crusade against, his network of informants feeding information back to him. Once corruption is discovered, The Lord of Punishment will deal justice and justice will be swift. And bloody.

    Pretenders: Those who claim to be what they are not. Those who claim to be the hero of a battle, even though they were only a cook in the army. Alberdeen does not believe in stealing the credit of others, and while this is not something he will kill a man over - it is the fastest way to be put on Alberdeen's shit list.

    Laziness: While similar to corruption, laziness describes an entirely different type of cancer. Alberdeen cannot stand anyone who would rather eat and be fat, than be active and productive. Laziness breeds a different kind of problem for Danafor, and while he cannot actively root it out like corruption there are ways for him to fight it.

    Ignorance: Knowledge is power, and it is a power that should be shared with everyone. As such, Alberdeen has recently started a "crusade" against illiteracy, requesting that schools be made available to every citizen of the realm. Al understands the power that written words can have with the right seal on it and will not idly stand by while the illiterate peasant class is exploited by their superiors.


    To leave a legacy: Alberdeen has aspirations of being remembered for centuries after his passing, as the swift hand of justice that served his Kingdom selflessly. He wishes to be the man honorable men attempt to emulate, and that evil men fear. He seeks to leave a beaten path that many will attempt to follow, and only the greatest can complete. He seeks to be a legend, and a hero forever remembered in his homeland.

    A stronger Danafor: After the war with the Northern Barbarians ravaged his beloved homeland, Alberdeen realized a stronger, more unified Kingdom would have to be created. Though he has no ambition himself for the crown, he will do all in his power to centralize the power for the King and his Paladin.


    Being forgotten: A fear that he cannot even realize in life, is the fear that after his death, his name will not be recorded in the annals of history. He fears that his achievements and all the greatness he accomplished in life will be left in the dust and none will honor him for the man he was.

    Loss of Danafor: After the war with the Northern Barbarians, Alberdeen developed a phobia of the Kingdom he loved so much being crushed underfoot by an invading army. It is this fear that drives him to take drastic measures to crush corruption and  potential threats to the Kingdom before they have any chance of blossoming fully. It is this fear that may one day drive him into a state of paranoia.

    Becoming crippled: Perhaps a fate worse than death to Alberdeen, is the fear of being crippled and made incapable of continuing his quest. With no means of fighting or serving as the Executioner of Danafor, his meaning for existence would simply cease to exist and he himself becoming something worthless. He fears this almost as much as being forgotten.

    Overall Personality:

    The following is an excerpt from the journal of noted historian and war chronicler Leonidas Smith.
    The mind of Alberdeen betrays the age old saying that big muscles mean a small thinker. Alberdeen is an educated, respected, and confident warrior in the service of the Kingdom he loves. Perhaps the greatest surprise that came to me in my time studying and following him as he traveled the Kingdom, was his love for nature. Many days in travel were spent not only finding and punishing those who would stand against Danafor but with him sketching and studying the wildlife. His favorite animal appearing to be the Peregrine falcon, found along the coast. His "hobby", as others would call has actually become published works within some academical circles within the capital.

    However, aside from his soft spot in nature, Alberdeen is surprisingly an influential father like and caring caring for the men and women in his retinue. He personally sees to their training, healthcare, and ensures all of them are fit to serve the kingdom at any moment. However, like any other instance of dissidence, he is not above the execution of those who break the law, even those he is closest to.

    During my time with him at the capital, I realized that his plain seeming personality hides a cunning diplomat and politician. He is capable of playing the best of the political games with great finesse, manipulating others to secure the supplies his party needs to carry out their eternal hunt for corruption or to secure food for a village in need. He has however never, unsurprisingly, used these games to commit any crimes such as bribery and solicitation. Instead, using the politics of the capital to better the rest of the Kingdom.

    Closing my statements on Alberdeen, many believe him to be one of the greatest threats to the crown and capital. But it is with great confidence that I say this - Alberdeens loyalty to the throne, to the crown, and to the Paladin exceed even the greatest forces of corruption in the whole of the world. His loyalty is unwavering, he is like a living banner for the Kingdom that wherever he goes, the presence of the entire Kingdom of Danafor goes with him.


    History: Alberdeen, contrary to the popular belief spread around by the lower castes of the Kingdom, was not spawned of an ox and bred to fight by the Barbarians in the North. It is quite the polar opposite that the man we know as Alberdeen came to be. Born as the only child of a Captain in the King's army, his childhood while not the posh lifestyles of nobility, was a comfortable one. He was taught to read by his mother, how to fight and survive by his father, and through the community around him how to be an honest man. As Alberdeen grew, many called him "giant blooded", as his height and size was immense for such a young man. He proved himself both with farming hoe and warriors ax and soon became the champion of his small village. His father could not help but be proud of his son. Though the bond that he and his father shared would be cut short, as his father was slain in battle. His father returned bore on shield of his companions. In his last words, Alberdeen's father left the only thing he could for his son - his ax.

    Had calamity not struck, Alberdeen may very well have gone on to become a scholar as his mother wished but it is times of strife that heroes are forged and it is one such occasion that the punisher of Danafor was made. Many years ago, on the day of Alberdeen's thirteenth year of life, a small scout force from an invading faction stumbled upon his village. Alberdeen's village rested on the borders of both Danafor and this opposing kingdom, a Kingdom whose name was struck from the history books for it's transgressions against the Kingdom of Danafor. Undefended with all of its men of age away in other wars, the band struck the undefended village. There was little hope for the rabble of old men who scrambled to defend the women and children. One by one they were slaughtered by the superior, more experienced force. The town was razed, and Alberdeen seemingly struck down by an arrow to the heart. However, due to a rare birth defect, Alberdeen's heart was on the opposite side of his chest. When Alberdeen awoke to the carnage around him, the sight of his family and friends dead - something awoke inside of the boy.

    He tended to his wounds, he adorned a gray cloak left behind by his father, and retrieved his father's ax left hidden in a secret panel hidden on the floor of a now destroyed and burnt down home. He sought out on a quest of revenge, of punishment. His gray cloak bellowing in the wind as he followed the deep impressions left in the ground by the stampeding movement of a band of village pillaging cavalrymen. He marched himself restlessly, used to the burdens of physical duress thanks to years of farming and sparring with his late father. When he came upon their camp, the men of the party drunk off of the spoils from recent conquest. The smell of wine and mead filled the air and clouded the minds of the invaders. Few of the men remained sober enough to recognize a foreign presence, and those that did were the first to feel the cold edge of Alberdeen's ax. Quick and forceful movements severed heads from torso, arms and legs from body. A festival of carnage was to take place, before Alberdeen's ax found it's way to the leader of the murderous group. The man, too drunk and stupid to realize his predicament died laughing, his last laugh as his severed head was crushed under the pummel of Alberdeen's ax.

    It is unknown if Alberdeen was actually conscious in his fit of rage, or acting subconsciously on nothing more than hate and a quest to deliver punishment. However, when the soldiers of the Kingdom of Danafor arrived, they found him unconscious, standing with his ax planted firmly in the ground. They believed him to be dead, having died where he stood  but soon found him to be alive and well. The exhaustion of a forced march and the ensuing carnage left him with without the energy to find a proper place to rest. The soldiers, out of both pity and a sense of responsibility, took Alberdeen with them to the capital. It was then that he was taken in as a prospective knight of the kingdom.

    However, Alberdeen had a much higher calling than that of a simple knight. He constantly strove to prove himself to his superiors and those around him, often hunting out criminals with impressive bounties and dealing them the King's justice. One claimed bounty after another, he climbed the ranks of the warrior caste. His gray cloak replaced with impressive, master-crafted gray armor stood almost without equal in strength and power. However, on his twenty fifth birthday - calamity struck. The Barbarians of the North launched and invasion of his beloved homeland and Alberdeen, with his most trusted companions set off to equal the score. One by one, Alberdeen summarily sought out and "punished" the leaders of these barbarians. He executed them all in similar fashion, beheading. This style of dealing out justice earned him the moniker of "Executioner of Danafor" and his ax the name "Guillotine". Summoned before the royal court, Alberdeen presented all of those present with the heads of many of the notorious generals and commanders of the Barbarian menace. Though repulsed by such a gesture, all present knew they could not help but respect a man capable of such feats. Commanding him to rise, those present bestowed upon Alberdeen a title greater than any he could have ever imagined. He was to become one of the "The Harbringers of the Apocalypse", the aspect of Punishment. Through this title he became a man whose influence and power reached out to the farthest flung corners of the Kingdom, and through this title he could become the beacon of Justice for his Kingdom.

    Without a hierarchy and competent leadership, the barbarian invasion was grounded to a halt before their ultimate retreat back to their lands. Many have credited Alberdeen with almost having ended the war single handedly, though he will never accept all of the credit for himself.

    Now he serves even more zealously, defending his homeland and dealing out punishment and justice where it is due. He has become a hero to most, a tyrant to many, but a symbol to all.  
    RP Sample: The Barbarian general shook in his saddle, word having reached him from his forward scouts that the Vanguard of the army led by Alberdeen had been spotted, cresting a distant hill. He could only watch as the banners of the Kingdom of Danafor proudly marched into view, carrier by men driven by a lust for revenge. Perhaps scariest of all, was the man who sat at the forefront of such an imposing force. A colossal man, armed with a colossal ax ready to strike out and deliver his King's punishment. Frantic and panicked, the General tried to figure out the options he had it his disposal. It was a short list... and even shorter was the amount of time he had to choose from this list.

    Heavy downpours had flooded the river he had originally marched his army across, and to either of his flanks were marshes not suited for the type of combat his army was used to. His army was largely cavalry with skirmish based infantry. A sense of dread filled this mans head, and as if to drive the nail into the coffin - the sound of Alberdeen's marching army was beginning to reach his lines. Shortly after, the sounds of clashing metal and the screams of dying men filled the air. Line after life of the Barbarian's forces were routed by the superior infantry of the Danaforian army. Then, he saw him with his own eyes. Alberdeen, the Aspect of Punishment. His figure was most noticeable on the battlefield as he tore through barbarian lines with his massive ax. Each swing sent gore into the air, each swing sent fear into the hearts of his enemies. Then, the barbarian panicked. He sounded the horn of retreat, fumbling in his saddle in a desperate attempt to get his horse to respond. However, a flood of fleeing men and horses alike prevented him from moving - he was stuck in a flood of petrified and broken warriors.

    Then he heard him. A deep, booming voice that commanded respect and authority rang out. "Your transgressions against the Kingdom of Danafor have been noted. Your punishment, decided. Your executioner, provided. You stand accused of beginning a war with the Kingdom of Danafor. You stand accused of the slaughter of innocent citizens, all in the name of your heretical gods. You stand accused for crimes against the Crown of Danafor directly. Your pleading is not necessary, your punishment is death." As the Barbarian turned and attempted to jump from his saddle, the cold kiss of a bearded ax reached around his neck and pull him backwards. Before he could get his bearings straight, the powerful arms of Alberdeen forced him into a kneel. Then, the humming of a falling blade, the coming of a guillotine, and then darkness.

    Grabbing the head by it's hair, Alberdeen turned to his men smiling, holding the head triumphantly above him. A victorious battle cry filled the air and shoot the very ground itself. It was time for his army to return home, not as warriors, but as heroes.


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    Re: [Alberdeen "Al" Horrickson, Kingdom of Danafor] - [Aspect of Punishment]

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    Re: [Alberdeen "Al" Horrickson, Kingdom of Danafor] - [Aspect of Punishment]

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    Re: [Alberdeen "Al" Horrickson, Kingdom of Danafor] - [Aspect of Punishment]

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    Re: [Alberdeen "Al" Horrickson, Kingdom of Danafor] - [Aspect of Punishment]

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