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    The Scandalous Elite [jcink][LB]


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    The Scandalous Elite [jcink][LB]

    Post by TSE Admin Sophia on Thu Jan 08, 2015 4:32 am


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    Welcome to The Scandalous Elite!

    We are a brand new elite boarding school RPG based very loosely on the TV show Gossip Girl. TSE is a no word count, literate intermediate to advanced role play site. There is an equestrian aspect to this elite boarding school if that tickles your fancy and we have lots of goodies planned for the members. TSE is set in New York, 2 hours from the big city. We run on real time and cant wait to get an active base of loyal members. Non-canon characters are encouraged and so is Canon + Non-canon role play.

    Staff Positions are Open and IC teacher/staff positions are also open. Come join our brand new community of friendly faces, and see what it means to be part of The Scandalous Elite.


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