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    Power: Heft


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    Power: Heft

    Post by Relius on Wed Jan 07, 2015 5:50 pm


    Power Name:  Heft
    Power Type:  Hybrid/Manipulative
    Power Description: Relius’s power is based around weight. He can increase and decrease weight on physical objects.

    Relius has this power because his life is based off of the weight of his worldly grievances.  There was weight on his shoulder when he couldn’t protect his mother and she got hurt because of him.  The weight of having to perform under the Clover Household name, having to calculate his every mood so he doesn’t dishonor his household. The weight of having to kill innocent people who was set up to look like bandits, the attempt of lifting the weight of their deaths by wiping out the bandit town.  Also, his desire to lift the weight of oppression towards the weak,  and the weight of his household name due to his father’s death.  

    Strengths: Relius uses this power by increasing and decreasing the weight  of objects, or  people. After touching them, things in his current range feels a weight difference depending on his level of power from within his range, with that weight increasing or decreasing  by that particular amount every three posts that the inflicted individual is within the range.  His physical touch would double the current amount of weight experienced with each touch. Relius's power contains a malleability effect of specifically targeting whats affected by his power within his range.

    There is no real requirements of use besides of being in effective range to use this ability of whatever is being manipulated after being touched. The range of each technique is based off of the tier and scaled thoroughly. Duration's also depend on the nature of the technique. Through techniques, Relius can also affect the weight of intangible things, such as pain or emotions.

    Novice – 10 Meters- 50 Kg increase/decrease
    Apprentice – 20 Meters- 100 Kg increase/decrease
    Experienced – 30 Meters- 150 Kg increase/decrease
    Expert – 40 Meters- 200 Kg increase/decrease
    Master – 50 Meters- 250 Kg increase/decrease
    Legendary – 60 Meters- 300 Kg increase/decrease

    Weaknesses: The weakness of this ability is that it lacks any long rage projectile attacks so to speak. This power only affect what he touched. Also,  you can avoid this ability by staying out of the effective range of the desired technique. Longer duration's could be longer cool downs.  Intangible concepts cannot be affected by this ability, like elements and magic. Inherently magical things, meaning humans, empowered equipment, treasured equipment, magical beings and objects are HIGHLY resistant to this ability. They would only experience 1/4 of the intended weight. Intangible things, (such as magic, but also) like fire, water, wind, light and shadows can NOT have their weight increased. Meaning elements like lightning, fire and water have an advantage towards this power.
    Fighting Style: Relius has a free form of fighting when it using this power. It could be from mixed arts of using his weapon and a little bit of hand to hand, or even slight touches involving high speed movements or even blocking a kick. As long as a touch is established, the ability will take place as long as they are in the range after the established touch.


    (Delete this section if you don't want or possess Techniques)

    Name: "Lift" Unburden
    Type: Support
    Rank: Experienced
    Description: With his power Reilus can lift the weight for any mental and physical burden on himself or on someone within his effective meter range. This usually covers debuffs in that nature that would hinder his performances, even as far as illusions or any kind of illusion inducing drugs. The burden of what Relius is experiencing is “Lifted” in order to do god’s word without delay whatsoever. The people that he can us this ability on must be within the current range of his ability after being touched, then the ability will last until cool down even  if the target leaves that effective range.  

    Duration:5 Posts
    Cooldown: 6 Posts

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    Re: Power: Heft

    Post by Britannia on Tue Jan 13, 2015 2:27 am

    As of now, I can approve this.

    Cost: [400] Exp

    This application is subject to change at any point in time.

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