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    Rimuldar's Sword


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    Rimuldar's Sword

    Post by FieryNyan on Wed Jan 07, 2015 9:22 am


    Equipment Name: Rimuldar's Sword
    Equipment Type: Weapon
    Rank: Holy
    Treasure: No

    Description: This sword was made by a legendary blacksmith for Ares. Upon travelling around the world, Ares found a monster that is unique beyond all the types of monsters. This specific monster was also one of the toughest Ares had ever met. The only reason this monster isn't the toughest is because it is the most docile monster out there. It is none other than the most least known monster, the Liquid Metal Slime. Unlike other slimes, this monster doesn't attack at all, and is so rare that it is almost considered to not exist. Whenever it is attacked, it will flee so fast that you might think it was just an illusion. This slime is flexible and all, yet its body is tough at the same time. Ares never understood how, and he will never know.
    For years, Ares travelled far and wide to chase down this liquid metal slime. Whenever he meets it, he will try his best to capture it before it escaped. After 2 years of trying, he managed to capture one.
    He brought this creature to his friend who was a blacksmith. This friend of his was so fascinated on the creature that he decided to create a weapon out of it. It was tough trying to kill this slime that had such high defense. After he managed to kill the slime, he melted the slime's body and made it into a sword. The result was amazing. As expected of the best blacksmith throughout Britannia. The whole sword is made of metal, even the hilt. It has design carved throughout the sword, but the hilt is concentrated with it. The blade is pretty much 80cm long.

    Fighting Style: Ares uses this sword almost every fight, and he uses it like a normal sword. If a fight ever arupts, and it is a 1v1, he would close the gap instantly, and launch in a flurry of attacks. Since this sword is his primary weapon, he would always use this sword in every battle. This is because he had been a swordsman all his life. He would, however, only use this sword's ability out of the blue to catch his opponent off guard.

    The way he fights with this sword depends on his opponent. If it is an aggressive opponent, he'll just dodge and parry and attack when he has the opportunity to. If he's against a passive person, he'll be tactically be offensive.

    Empowered: Yes, this is where the fun part starts, with his true fighting style.


    Name: King Liquid Metal Slime's Blessing.
    Type: Offensive
    Description: Like the Liquid Metal Slime, this sword isn't just normal metal. It's flexible. Not only that, the user can freely manipulate this sword. Since it is made of Liquid Metal Slime, it maintains the ability of the slime, being super tough, like steel, yet able to be freely manipulated like a liquid. He can transform his sword to fit any situation, like he can extend it, or transform it into a spear. He can even transform it into a sharp whip, or make it extend to plunge the enemy from afar, like a spear!

    Strengths: This weapon is tougher than steel, yet super flexible. Its strength is limitless, its only limit is how creative you are. It can reach out to about 40 meters. And of course, it's sharp.

    Weaknesses: This sword requires Wizardry to use. Also, the more the user extends the weapon, the heavier it gets. At maximum extension, the user needs both arms to move the weapon.

    Fighting Style:This sword's ability is a very volatile weapon. Usually, Ares would only use this ability to surprise the opponent. And once this ability is used, Ares will put on a different face and personality. He will go all out to dispose of his opponent as fast as possible. Once this ability is exposed, he'll change his fighting style by gaining range and use range attacks.

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    Re: Rimuldar's Sword

    Post by Britannia on Sat Jan 10, 2015 6:15 pm

    Given the rank of this weapon, people of Experienced and higher could follow this weapon's path around. The ability's I mean.


    Cost: [600] Exp

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