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    Relius Clover- Bishop


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    Relius Clover- Bishop

    Post by Relius on Tue Jan 06, 2015 7:26 pm

    General Information

    Race: Human
    Name: Relius Clover
    Sex: Male
    Gender: Male
    Age: 21
    Sexuality: Straight
    Birthday: February 27

    Relationships: Single

    Faction: Kingdom of Danafor
    Title: Bishop
    Rank: Experienced
    Alignment: Neutral Good


    Height: (186 meters) "6'2"
    Weight: (77.1 kg) "170 Pounds"
    Eye Color: The color of his eyes takes on the pigmentation of gunmetal blue. Gunmetal-blue eyes are cold, hard-looking, and shining.  They contain a lot of white in the iris that makes them appear blue-gray like metal.  Guns are usually made of steel and when they're polished and oiled, they pick up blue highlights.  Gunmetal blue has a dangerous, ruthless connotation, and eye contact with Relius usually leads to an early assumption of his personality.
    Hair color/style:Relius contains light blond hair that goes just past his chin in length, as well as coming down in front of his eyes at the front. It’s usually straight, unless Relius decides to style his hair to have a more spiked appearance. The light blonde color would actually remind you of pound cake, both in its shade and the softness of his hair when you run through it with your fingers.
    Extra: - Relius is always wearing the House Of Clover headband. It's a gold headpiece with a green emerald in the middle of it.

    -In some way, shape, or form, the word hope would always be located somewhere on Relius's clothing. Relius ha an obsession with the word and he feels that the mean brings strength and good luck for himself and others who believe in it.

    Overall Appearance:  Relius contains a physically fit body, with only 14% of body fat. His actual measurements go as follows, with his chest being 50 inches, his waist being 35 inches, his arms/biceps being 20 inches, and his legs/thighs standing at 31 inches. As a Caucasian male, Relius’s skin tone is mildly pale, but contains a small shine to it as if he was oiled.  He has broad shoulders, and a fierce dark face. It was a face to be dominated by, or to fight: never a face to patronize or pity.

    The eyebrows themselves are thin and slightly pointy, containing the same color as his hair; they also help to compliment his short eyelashes. His ears are small, and his nose is skinny and straight.  Relius also contains high cheek bones, with lips that could be seen by others as narrow.  And lastly, Relius has straight white teeth with a square jaw. All his movements are large and perfectly balanced, like those of a wild animal. Sometimes Relius can be seen standing with his hands behind his back, and it takes on the likeness of being in an “at ease” position. Relius is also exclusively left handed, all because of the small saying he heard as a child that stated “Those who rule over the left, can rule the world.”

    His attire comprises of a short cape, white pants, golden buttons and a belt. It mostly goes over a blue and white color scheme.

    Face Claim: [Ky Kiske] - (Guilty Gear)


    Likes:  Pretty women- Women can be a bunch of mysterious creatures, but Relius couldn’t help but to stare or pay even more attention to them than you expect.  Relius is quite attractive, but his quiet exterior kind of makes him clam up when it comes to interacting with them on a romantic basis. However, he is still trying to get through this regardless. At this moment, women that are more forward will have an easier time with him.  

    Protecting the weak- Relius was once weak, he has no problem protecting the people who cant help the position that they are in

    The Color Blue- This color is associated with a lot of things that Relius likes. The sky, the sea, and even his eyes. Rick favors the color blue and likes to incorporate it in his clothing when he can.

    His household name-  Relius takes great pride in the House Of Clover, most of his family members went off to be esteemed knights after  their potential and affinity for the sword has been realized. Relius hopes to follow in their footsteps.

    Having a good conversation- Relius is a social guy at times when he isn’t lost in his own thoughts. Believe it or no, he enjoys a good conversation as much as the next guy.

    Dislikes: Alcohol- It’s not that Relius doesn’t like Alcohol, its just that Alcohol doesn’t like him. One full glass of wine can really get him going, it’s all it takes to get Relius drunk due to his low resistance. It’s during those times that he acts a bit uncharacteristic.

    Loud music -  It can be irritating at times if the music isn't good and continues to blast your eardrums away.

    Strong and condescending people- Strength s good to have but haven't people forgot that they was once the weak ones? Relius doesn't think that the weak should be judged if they have the same potential to get as strong as anybody else.

    Foods that's too spicy- Food that's too spicy could be a real pain to eat for Relius.

    Motivation: Fame to his name- Relius represents his household more than anything; he hopes to continue the tradition of bringing great   fame to his name as a revered warrior of outstanding caliber.

    Immortality- Relius hopes to find a way in order to live for a very long time. He doesn’t want to stand by the human limitations forever and realizes that there is not much he can do or offer to the world if he still contains somewhat of a squishy exterior.

    Fulfilling his duty as a knight- The holy orders given to a knight means a lot to Relius, he will even go as far as to swallow his own personal opinion in order to carry them out .

    Fears: Finding something important to him and not being able to protect it- Relius loathes the thought of not being able to fight as hard as he can for what matters to him.

    Dishonoring his name- The House Of Clover  was a prodigious group of knights, no matter what kingdom that the specific family member found themselves working for. Either way Relius would hate to ruin the reputation of his household.

    Losing his way- The greatest fear that Relius possesses is not death, but to lose the current purpose he has in his life. Relius boasts proudly about having a reason to live, and it can be coupled with many things. Losing his powers would make him lose sight of his perception, which would disconnect him from the world that he’s become so accustomed to and potentially throw him into the brink of despair. In short, his ultimate fear is his Resocialization into being just another regular human being.  

    Overall Personality: Relius contains the ability to think abstractly and come up with extremely innovative ideas. His imagination power has the capacity to take him to great heights, not only standing as an idealist, but as a great coordinator in battle. Relius is usually able to express himself, and keep an open mind about how the world works.  Bearing a great imagination towards shaping the future, this stands as one of the main character traits that Relius has.

    Relius would treat others just the way he himself would want to be treated. In his perspective, to be kind is to be compassionate. Compassion is the ultimate and most meaningful embodiment of emotional maturity. It is through compassion that a person achieves the highest peak and deepest reach in his or her search for self-fulfillment. In Relius’s case, he achieved such satisfaction from showing that same level of kindness towards others.

    His build can fool any man, his eyes are as hard as steel. But, once you get to know him, you would figure out that Relius is a little more sensitive compared to the average male. This brand of sensitivity spreads upon the concept of being discreet and careful about his words of choice. Relius's personally avoids derogatory terms and labels, and always makes the strong effort to purge them from his vocabulary. Relius is often displaying a quick and delicate appreciation towards the feelings of others, for all men (and women) are created equal. This form of sensitivity does not only fall under his natural social interactions, but the world around him. His senses are highly attuned, and process even the small hints of change that everyone seems to ignore.

    For a man who thinks loyalty is only a crutch for those who don’t know what they want to do with their life; Relius can’t really say that he’s any better than them. Relius is willing to put his life on the line to help others because of his own beliefs that society cannot exist without solidarity, and the fact that society is what makes us human in the first place.   No matter how occasional, and no matter how situational, there would come a time when an individual would have to buckle up and do what’s right.  There’s a hint of his knightly norms and values coming to light with this particular character trait, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing.  His selfless deeds may not always be acknowledged or appreciated, but Rick will never regret his decision to do so.

    Relius’s ideals could get a little crazy at times, almost unrealistic in comparison to the social norms that we are all use to when it comes to society. His dream of a perfect world is impossible, but he still strives for it ever so strongly. Even the best the world has to offer would undoubtedly be seen as mediocre in Relius’s eyes. He can be so accepting with people and their own unique personalities, but continues to be unsatisfied with society as a whole.  In certain conversations, you would hear his occasional complaints about what’s wrong with the world.

    His personality in a fight is somewhat unfeeling. His eyes grow colder  and the only think he really focuses on his opponent(s) of the task at hand. He is quite calculated and hates any kind of wasted movement.  Relius doesn't mind taking orders and fighting as a unit, but he has been so used to being alone most of the time that fighting alone seems natural to him.


    History: Relius was born from a woman called Marise Evans and a Knight named Charles Clover. Marise was an adventurer  that traveled far and wide. She was also a renowned scholar that was known for discovering precious artifacts that sold a pretty penny. Marise did these things for the thrill of it  mostly her fame came from the passion she had towards adventuring in general. Charles was a Knight that resided in the Kingdom of Danafor, he was a Holy Knight of great prestige  that protected the kingdom whenever any grave incidents occurred.  During one assault while he was on his missions, Marise came to his aid when he was ambushed by a strong opponent. They fell in love at first site and eloped. Afterwards, Relius came about.

    Relius spent the first few years of his life with his mother due to the fact that his father was very busy with his duties to raise an infant. This made Relius out to be a pseudo adventurer with his mom,  he spent  a lot of time with her on finding plenty of valuable items and selling them. Afterwards some of the money would be spared to the less fortunate; Relius had a kind mother like that. One day, Relius and his mother were caught up with a bunch of bandits that wanted the treasure that she received.  She was able to fend the off quite easily, but the five year old Relius was no match for the grown man with the sword.  In order to protect him, his mother rushed into the way of the blade. She took a slash across the chest before cutting the  bandit down.

    Relius was somewhat traumatized after that, his mother got hurt because of him. It was all due to the fact that he was weak; he was obsessed with getting stronger and doing the right thing afterwards. Relius traveled with his mother until he was ten years old, he was soon dropped off at his father by the Kingdom of Danafor It was the first time that he met his father, so Relius didn’t know how to act around him. However, they quickly warned up to each other due to their apparent likeness and Relius  was immediately pushed to start his knight training.  He wanted to make a difference for the time that he was unable to protect his mother when it counted.

    He swore to his mom that he would keep the incident a secret, so Charles never knew about it. Anyway, Relius was taught about the clover household lineage and  the amazing feats that each of his ancestors performed.  The older generation of the household originated in Camelot, they migrated soon after the original knights of the round either became deceased or retired. Relius was fond of these stories, they seemed to give him much hope for  what he was capable of when it came to aiding the people in need.  Relius trained hard for the last six years  with his swordsmanship under his father’s tutelage.  His other would come to visit him often o see how he was holding up, bringing back money  or expensive gifts to make up for not being there as much as she wanted to be. She would also embarrass him on how he still wasn’t able to talk to girls as naturally as he should have.
    In the end, Relius finally became a Next Generation Holy Knight at the age of seventeen. He was sent on a few missions that were deemed admirable and acceptable, his father was proud of him. All Relius wanted was to bring glory to his household.  However, there was one assignment that managed to change him quite a bit. There was a mission for Relius to take care of a bunch of bandits that were threatening a town. He was sent alone to wipe them out on his own, a very typical mission for Relius. However, Relius was caught up in his convictions when it turned out that the bandits were the old residents of the town and that town was in the middle of the power struggle. The current residents of Janken town were indeed bandits of the sort that inserted themselves into the community and asked the kingdom for aid. Even though this was true, Relius still carried out his orders wholeheartedly.

    He slaughtered them all with his sword, the stained  blood of the innocent weighed on his shoulders while the bandit town laughed at the fact that this happened. The psychological shock  of what he done  actually have Relius a thought in his mind. He never realed it before, the Lechery he contained in his heart towards those orders he received. He distinct lust towards glory and his desire to justify what he did.  The order was to “wipe out the bandits.” Since the bandit town was also considered as the  bandits as well, Relius’s twisted interpretation of the orders turned himself against the town of Janken as well. Death was all around him, he realized that this was what it meant to be a human being. Therefore, Relius decided for himself on that day that he wanted be something other than human and wanted to seek immorality in any way.

    Upon returning, the slaughtering of the town caused a bit of controversy. Relius was jailed for misconduct as his entire prowess was going through revaluation.  His only excuse was that he followed those orders wholeheartedly in the way he interpreted it. He repented and found god in a sense after  realizing what he had done,. Relius promised himself to be a better person.  Relius was released six months later by the order of the king himself after a disaster befell upon the household. His father was murdered; Relius’s early release was none other than the sympathy towards a dying man. Relius felt anguish, it was a crime for great men to die like that. It only increased his drive to finding immortality even more. Even so, Relius knelled before the Paladin with a great showing of loyalty in his rags. He desired his word so that it may be carried out; his new found courage for change. Relius was later appointed to take his father's promotion of being a bishop. He vowed to punish the wicked  and protect the innocent.

    RP Sample: “I know about the Manta and the Smashers, I already have a few plans set in motion in order to put the beasts in good use. I been thinking about getting some public transportation in place, the Manta seem pretty good to handle and I was wondering if your work force could play a part in this. If I put in the work and find appropriate animals that create new jobs or make current jobs more convenient, I would need more able bodies that’s able to handle the animals and that’s willing to learn about Dominance Beast training. For the sake of progression, handling animals might be the superior trade depending on what I have in store. I just have to catch them and….”

    Lagi’s mind drifted for a moment when he realized the amount of work that he had to do. He didn’t talk about the wolf cubs though; Lagi had his own special plans for those little guys. “Anyway, my father put me in charge of finding use for them and finding even more of them while he takes care of council work, so it’s safe to say that I’m the person you need to talk to since I’m doing all the leg work. When Azix asked about Lagi’s injuries, Lagi simply shook his head with an irritated look on his face. “I just don’t want any magicians around me for a while. They insisted on healing me and even doing it at a distance if necessary, I dismissed them. I just don’t want them touching me in any kind of way right now, not even with their magic. I was judged about some black birds or whatever in my own coronation. Challenged me out in public in front of important people, saving face like that would have only showed doubt in my capabilities to win. I lost, and just like the tradition of the coliseum, what happens in the ring stays in the ring. But…the backlash… father...... “

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    Re: Relius Clover- Bishop

    Post by FieryNyan on Wed Jan 07, 2015 9:30 am

    Approved at Experienced Rank, 3-4! Unless Anyone objects.

    3.6k exp for the rank.

    - All approved characters will receive an additional 15% starting experience (= 540 Exp)
    - All approved characters start with a Holy-Ranked equipment of their choice
    - When first buying skills with Exp, you will receive a 10% cost reduction!

    Proceed to post your skills Smile


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    Re: Relius Clover- Bishop

    Post by Relius on Wed Jan 07, 2015 10:09 am

    Total Exp- 3600 from app, 540 exp from bonus, and 125 exp i already have

    Total Exp to spend- 4265

    Skill Template : [4265]

    • [Insert Skill] - [Insert desired Skill Level]
    • [Strength Enhancement] - [Lv 2]
    • [Speed Enhancement] - [Lv 2]
    • [Damage Resistance] - [Lv 2]
    • [Pain Resistance] - [Lv 2]
    • [Damage Recovery] - [Lv 2]
    • [Weapon Mastery] - [Lv 2]
    • [Wizardry] - [Lv 2]
    • [Stealth] - [Lv 1]
    • [Mapping] - [Lv 1]
    • [Battle Readiness] - [Lv 1]
    • [Healing] - [Lv 1]
    • [Power Sensory] - [Lv 1]
    • [Multitasking] - [Lv 1]

    495 exp left

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    Re: Relius Clover- Bishop

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    Cost 4.2k
    But because of the Beta bonus, you get a 10 percent discount, so it'll be 3780 exp only Smile

    Brit, please help deduct the exp and give him the color!

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    Re: Relius Clover- Bishop

    Post by Relius on Wed Jan 07, 2015 11:43 am

    i edited and dropped hand to hand to save 100 more exp

    the new saved grand total is 495


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    Re: Relius Clover- Bishop

    Post by Britannia on Wed Jan 07, 2015 5:14 pm

    This be approved.


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    Re: Relius Clover- Bishop

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